Carol tending fire at Palm Springs retreat

Humans have been tending fires for thousands of years as a form of survival.

The fire kept us warm, kept predators at bay, gave us  ability to cook. Today most of us are not concerned with keeping fire in the hearth to keep the house warm, we rely on invisible energy sources like electricity and natural gas to keep our homes warm and to cook. But we still like a fireplace or sitting around a campfire.  It is like it hardwired into our DNA to make us feel connected, a place to gather and tell stories.

I love to hold fire ceremonies. Tending fire connects me to mysticism and ancestors of the land.

I love to watch how each fire accepts the offerings and alchemizes them. Some are consumed immediately some take a while to burn. A couple of weeks ago at our first Live Your Opulence Retreat, we had a magical fire ceremony. So much lovely energy joining us as we put our despacho (offering package) into the fire and later blessed the fire with additional herbs.  You could almost see spirits dance in the flames (as in our featured picture here). I sensed ancestors of the land, native American spirits joining us. I rarely see spirits but several people who do were in attendance and said five braves joined us and danced around our fire. I get spirit bumps just remembering.

Contemplating how well I am tending the fires within me.

I have the fire of  hopes, dreams, intentions, and things that light me up.  The fire of doubt, fear, unworthiness, and comparison.  They live simultaneously within each of us. With every thought, every deed I choose to add to one fire or another.

I wouldn’t throw gasoline on a house fire, but I throw incendiary thoughts in the fires that hold me back and keep me stuck. “I can’t seem to move forward.”   I am not sure I have the resources to do that, I don’t have time to paint and write the way I want. My art isn’t good enough.  I will never lose this extra weight I am carrying”  The flames of doubt and despair kick up and threaten to consume me.

Our Media Fires

Our newspapers and broadcast media love to feed the fires of fear and the fires get whipped up by social media. We may feel the world is less safe, less kind, less loving, but is it? Or have we fanned the flames and are unable to see through the smoke to what is real?

What’s My Intention?

I’m intentionally trying to feed the other fire–the fire fed with gratitude, the fire that says, “I don’t know how to do that, but I know if I keep moving in the right direction, I will be met with support.” “Look at that magical synchronicity that just happened!” “I’m inspired by my friend for the bold steps she’s taking…She shows me it is possible. “  All these and other thoughts add to the possibilities.

I hear the words in my head and that come out of my mouth and sometimes I cringe. (Yes, I still can be harsh.  I am human!)  More fuel for the “not good enough, unworthy fire”

Choosing Again

I step back look around. How is my fire of passion and connection doing?  The flames are weak. I blow life into her and add first kindling and then larger wood.  Careful to tend her with awareness and love. I aware of the power of being a tender of the fire within.

Take a moment and ask yourself, what fires are you tending?

Can you be a better tender of your internal flame?  I know I can.

PS.  Missed our first retreat? Stay turned or let me know if you want to be notified when enrollment is open for the next one.

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