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When your friends step out bold, you cheer them on and support them, at least I do.  Let me tell you about my friend Cheryl Girard.  I met her 4 years ago at a women’s writing workshop.  I’ve watched her dig deeply creating beautiful art out of her personal vulnerability and pain.  In 2019, we shared the stage at our showcase of short one woman show pieces called She Takes the Stage.  We helped each other  memorize our pieces and bonded as we stepped forward to tell our personal stories.  She has a huge heart that just radiates love.  If you are lucky enough to know her, you are truly blessed,

Now she is stepping out even bigger.  She has developed an amazing multimedia show about overcoming shame and loving herself and her body called Flesh and Soul   And she has a beautiful video about the journey on her Kickstarter page.  Cheryl brings healing energy to all who watch it.  Reminding us that way really is truth, vulnerability and love.

I invite you to check out the Flesh and Soul campaign and if you feel called to add a donation small or big to help finance this project, please do so.  If finances are tight and you love her project, share it with a few friends.

Thank you.


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