2020. New Year. New Decade. Thank You. Thank you.

When I think back to the beginning of 2010, I had no idea how much my life would shift and change in the next 10 years.  Sometimes it is helpful to look back with gratitude for how far we’ve come, what we have survived and say thank to the Divine Universe/God for helping us to make it to another year. At the beginning of 2010, I was working on From Scared to Sacred in a Writer’s Group.  I was a hypnotherapist seeing clients. I was working part-time nights and weekends at the law firm I had worked at since 1989.   In 2010, I submitted my book in something called “the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition.”   Even at the time, I thought that a competition among spiritual authors seemed like an oxymoron.   And it turned out to be a divine plan to connect me with like-minded people around the world.  These […]

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Messages from Dad through the Veil

“Your Dad is here and he wants me to tell you he doesn’t like your business cards!” the medium told me.   Out of all the things my dad could travel through the veil to tell, the fact that he did not like my business cards was not what I was expecting to hear. However, this woman had already shared some information about my ailing mother from my grandmother that seemed on point so I decided to go with it. “What doesn’t he like?” I asked, thinking of my clever cards for my hypnosis practice that had a red-haired cartoon woman with a pendulum on them. “He says you are much more creative and spiritual than those cards. He is showing me the color pink”. I knew the woman had to be getting her wires crossed. I could NEVER see myself with pink cards. Then she shared something with me […]

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Adding Love to 2019

As we begin the new year, I am challenging myself with two questions designed to remind me to focus on adding love to 2019. After all love is that special sauce, the secret ingredient that makes everything better.  It certainly feels like we all could use some more of it. 1.     How can I demonstrate LOVE to myself? You may say things to yourself that you never would say to other people.  Or you put other people’s needs first and your heart is crying out for some care and concern for you.  Maybe you fell off the healthy eating wagon and you want to get back on without beating yourself up.  Or perhaps you always go for the attainable rather than your big dreams.   What would your loving self say or do for you? Last year I started a practice of saying the Ho’oponopono prayer as a mantra for a […]

Take it to the Fire

Every day there seems to be something that could make me sink into despair if I didn’t have regular practices to help me stay grounded.  It feels like all the darkness is up for healing like a deep-rooted infection, it is asking for our attention.  It is exhausting. We are witnessing millennia of winner/loser and kill-or-be-killed thinking.  It is action/reaction creating a revolving door of retribution and “what about-ism.”  For those of us trying to connect to our highest heart and create a more loving world, witnessing events that seem to show the worst of humanity rising may be too much for us to bear at times. I feel a sense of Déjà vu.  One of my friends and I joke, “here we go again!”  as we talk about the sense that we have been in places like Atlantis and Lemuria as those civilizations fell.  We remind each other that […]

Complain or Step Up Your Power?

Today’s “From Scared to Sacred” post.   I have been getting slapped around (figuratively) in meditation. This message has been repeated again and again.  “Are you going to choose your power or stay stuck?” It is so easy to walk around saying, “this is f’d up” “we are screwed” etc., especially in this political climate.   It is okay to notice that things are not working but after that we have a choice. Do we keep focusing on what is broken or do we step into our power to vision what we want to create and take action toward that? It really is a personal and collective choice. Reminded once again that the life I want to live is connected with compassion and vision.  The world needs us to step up/out in our love power.