African Mountain Tortoise. Slow and steady

Exercise at 60 Stepping off the Push Train

I am at the gym and for the first time in my life I am working out for me–not for how I look to the outside world, not to force my body into an unnaturally lower weight so I can compete in the acting world. I exercise to be a strong and healthy me.   I bemoan the fact that I stopped working out hard in my 40s.  If I had stayed with it, this wouldn’t be so challenging, would it?   At the time, I  was done acting and felt like I didn’t need to spend as many hours in the gym a week as I had been.  My commitment to working out dwindled.  I quit when I probably needed to be even more committed as menopause added pounds.  Now at 60, things that used to be simple are comically challenging–stand on one leg, wobble, wobble, wobble and catch myself before […]

photo of Carol from opening slide of video

Shamanic Journey: The Power of Story

I was honored to share a half hour presentation on Renee Baribeau’s IAM Winter Solstice Symposium on The Power of Story.   It was done via Facebook Live but I’m glad Renee also uploaded to YouTube so I can share with you here.     Join me for a discussion and journey about the power of shifting your story. Honoring the light and dark of our stories, releasing old stories that don’t serve and writing a new story for self and the greater collective.

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Messages from Dad through the Veil

“Your Dad is here and he wants me to tell you he doesn’t like your business cards!” the medium told me.   Out of all the things my dad could travel through the veil to tell, the fact that he did not like my business cards was not what I was expecting to hear. However, this woman had already shared some information about my ailing mother from my grandmother that seemed on point so I decided to go with it. “What doesn’t he like?” I asked, thinking of my clever cards for my hypnosis practice that had a red-haired cartoon woman with a pendulum on them. “He says you are much more creative and spiritual than those cards. He is showing me the color pink”. I knew the woman had to be getting her wires crossed. I could NEVER see myself with pink cards. Then she shared something with me […]

Healing Hearts: An Invitation from the kitten, David

Meet David.   He is a rescue kitten being  fostered by my friend BJ.   David has a hole in his heart that cannot be operated on and that is resulting in pulmonary hypertension.  He has a team of vets working to control this hypertension with drugs.  After a time in the hospital over Christmas he is back with his foster mom. Full disclosure I am highly allergic to cats and can only last in most cat households for a few hours before  I’m making myself scarce. I’ve actually ended up with hives from spending too much time in a kitty household without antihistamines.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them from afar.   And this little guy has already taught me something special. When I tap into his energy, it seems like his mission here no matter how long his time is here on earth is to teach us all about […]