5 minute stress management

Five Minute Stress Management

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Are you too busy for traditional stress management techniques?

Five Minute Stress Management contains THREE techniques that can help you manage stress on the go or when a half hour of meditation or exercise isn’t possible for you.   We know how busy you are. We know how many demands are on your time, ALL the time.  The good news is you don’t need an extra hour to take control of your life.  We teach you techniques you can use in FIVE MINUTES or less.

5 minute stress management

This product was developed by me and fellow hypnotherapist Karen Maleck-Whiteley to help real people find real solutions to managing stress!

“THE 5-MINUTE RITUAL” – We developed this incredibly relaxing technique after we spent time studying top athletes and performers.  Have you ever noticed how athletes have a little routine to help shake off a bad call or refocus?  The 5-Minute Ritual is a short technique like that to use in day to day life which can help you relax and focus in literally any situation. You can use it in the middle of a busy day, or even in the middle of complete chaos. When you use the “5-Minute Ritual,” you’ll find yourself able to hit your reset button so that stress doesn’t build up or get the best of you.

You get two separate versions of the “5-Minute Ritual” in your program.  A teaching version where we describe all you need to know about mastering this technique and then a “real time”  version that shows you how easy it is to use this technique in much less than five minutes. 

“THE SHIELD” – This deceptively simple technique will let you protect yourself from people or situations which may have triggered stress in the past. No more! You’ll learn how to create a protective space around yourself to keep negative people, situations, and stress at bay.

“YOU CHOOSE” – A profound way to change the way you perceive situations. Most of the time it’s not what happens to us that causes us stress.  It is how we think about what is happening to us that creates the stress.  With “You choose” you will have the tools to change your thoughts and allow them to work for you, instead of against you!


Testimonials from happy purchasers!

“As a professional juggling several careers, stress is my worst enemy, often draining me of my focus, time and energy.  When I saw Five Minute Stress Management, I immediately was attracted to it because of the small investment of time I needed to make. By the same token, I wondered if it would really work.  I discovered that unlike other techniques that lay forgotten on some shelf, I use the five-minute stress management regularly because my mind, spirit and body immediately responds to it naturally. I’ve been using this program for a couple of months and smile to myself with the changes I’ve experienced.  I am able to become centered and stronger faster, and can feel myself developing an innate resistance to stress. Thank you for your dedication in developing this marvelous program. I encourage clients to use it in my hypnotherapy practice and they too are impressed with the results.” Pat Dennis, M.S., C.Ht., Dennis Communications

“I have a high pressure job as a police officer in the Miami area.  I was having a hard time controlling my temper, and handling stress I took on from interactions with other people.  It was really bothering me.  I have used Five Minute Stress Management for two weeks, and now find that I am able to recognize when I am starting to react,  This is something I could not do before – people had to point it out to me.  Now I have a chance to learn how to stop the reactions.  I know that as I practice more, the techniques will continue to help me more and more.  The CD itself is also extremely relaxing to listen to, and helps me to relax and unwind in the evening after a frustrating day.  Your voices are so easy to listen to.  Thank you for helping me.”  K. P. Police Officer, Miami, FL


Total product run time is 58:16. Your download will be a zip file which contains 8 audio Mp3’s and a 10 page PDF booklet.