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Hypnosis For Childbirth

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Hypnosis and Visualization Techniques for Childbirth

11 Recorded MP3 Tracks plus a 27 Page Guide Booklet
by Carol Woodliff

Photo by  David Castillo Dominici, FreeDigital
Photo by David Castillo Dominici, FreeDigital

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery are very effective tools for reducing stress and discomfort during childbirth.  Studies show that mom’s who use hypnosis for childbirth visualization techniques have better outcomes and need less medication. (See note 1 below.)  The techniques here are designed to work on 3 levels:

  1. Helping the mom to stay in a relaxed state before and during labor which allows her body to do what it is designed to do;
  2. Giving suggestions or leading mom on a journey to help counter-balance the fear messages so prevalent in the way we talk about childbirth; and
  3. Providing techniques to allow many women to have a comfortable natural childbirth without anesthesia.

TO LISTEN to the Introduction Track of the Program Click on the Arrow Below:

When I studied hypnotherapy, I honestly never thought I’d be helping women birth their babies.  However, I had several friends who asked me to assist them in preparing them for childbirth and many clients who came to me to quit smoking in preparation for getting pregnant and they asked me to do help them prepare for childbirth when they became pregnant.  They said they couldn’t imagine using another hypnotherapist and that they trusted me to guide them.   I had to do lots of homework to prepare those first clients over 10 years ago.   Since that time I have helped many women prepare and use these techniques to have easier childbirths.  This home study program allows me to guide you.

Whether you hope to have a natural childbirth or you are looking for support to use less medication, this program can help you relax and use the power of your mind and imagination to help you bring that precious baby into the world!

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The program includes a guide booklet and 11 MP3 audio tracks including 10 different relaxation or visualization exercises.

The tracks are very simply recorded without background music.  One person’s soothing music is completely annoying to another.  I act as your guide to relax and visualize your way through birthing your child.

A word about the spiritual aspects of this program

I believe that birth is a beautiful spiritual most sacred event and some of the language in this program reflects that and often refers to spirit, the universe, the divine feminine etc.  My spiritual path is pretty eclectic and inclusive.  I honor whatever your spiritual path is. Feel free to translate the language I use into something that speaks more directly to your particular path.

The Following Audio Tracks are Included as in This Program:


How to use these tracks 6:14

Basic relaxation techniques

Progressive Relaxation 7:00
Tense and Relax  6:23
Waves of Relaxation/Special place 13:57
Float into Space 11:32

Comfort Techniques

Control Room 20:12
The Switch 16:28
Topical Anesthesia (Magical Lotion) 6:04
The Healing Pool 9:35

Longer Tracks

Before Week 39 Relaxation and Suggestions 25:54
After Week 39 or when in Active Labor Relaxation and Suggestions 53:40 (Do not listen before week 39 unless you are in Active Labor.

The more you practice these techniques before you go into labor, the more easily you will be able to apply them when it is time for your baby to be born.

Carol guided me through her Pregnancy Hypnos-CD’s to be calm & visualize the birth my child and I where meant to experience. Whenever I listened I was truly relaxed yet felt like I was making progress somehow. I am truly thankful for her soothing tone and voice which pointed out so many thing I wouldn’t of thought of and helped me allow my body to do it’s job. I would highly recommend her pre-natal and birthing Hypnos-cd’s for anyone thinking of having a natural child birth or going through the birthing process and pregnancy. Or just wanting to relax and be in tune with themselves. Thanks Carol for all you’ve given to me! The lessons are invaluable.  Shirley Lopez, Los Angeles, CA

Note 1: 
Landolt, Alison S.  and Milling, Leonard S., “The efficacy of hypnosis as an intervention for labor and delivery pain: A comprehensive methodological review” Clinical Psychology Review, Vol. 31, Issue 6, August 2011, Pages 1022–1031. An exhaustive literature review of the PsycINFO and PubMed databases produced 13 studies meeting the criteria of using a between-subjects or mixed model design in which hypnosis was compared with a control condition or alternative intervention in reducing labor pain.  Hetero-hypnosis and self-hypnosis were consistently shown to be more effective than standard medical care, supportive counseling, and childbirth education classes in reducing pain. Other benefits included better infant Apgar scores and shorter Stage 1 labor. Common methodological limitations of the literature include a failure to use random assignment, to specify the demographic characteristics of samples, and to use a treatment manual.

Disclaimer:   This program is designed as a complementary assistance to your doctor or certified midwife’s care.  Nothing stated herein should be taken as medical advice.  Please follow the care instructions of your licensed medical professionals and your own common sense when applying any of the principles in this program.  DO NOT listen to any of the recorded material while driving or in any situation where it is important for you to remain alert.