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beginning Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30 pm PT

A Six Week Transformational Event


We all have the power to change but we often find ourselves following that definition of insanity, “doing”  the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  We have our favorite tools and we use them even when they aren’t working. To create and maintain any change we need:




Notice the Key word in all three levels is ALIGNED. We all know the person who carries around their personal black cloud and we know this is not very attractive.   It is so easy to see when it is other people.  But hard to see our own heavy energies or conflicting thoughts and feelings which block us from being able to attract and hang onto what we desire.  This webinar focuses on shifting the your energy and stories so that your actions are moving your toward your destiny rather than repeating the same old patterns again and again.   A small shift in your energy made during these 6 weeks can have big payoffs for you!

Do any of these stories sound familiar?

Things are good in most areas of my life but there is one area that I just can’t seem to make any headway on.

I am very talented but I stop myself from putting myself out there in the world.

Over the course of my life, I worked really hard.  I have exhausted myself “doing” and yet I have little to show for it!

I say affirmations all the time and yet I never have felt the shift that I’m supposed to feel.

I am a very loving spiritual person and I have a hard time paying my rent.  Something is wrong here.

I have worked with people who have had these stories and I’ve noticed that they are not aligned in at least one of the the three key areas. We we realign that area, life begins to shift.

This Healing Circle Webinar Series is designed to help you be able to recognize where you are out of alignment and what tools you can use to “clean things up.”  It is part lecture, part live exercises to help you process and let go of the energies that block you.

When our energy, thoughts and actions are all aligned we are UNSTOPPABLE. (Okay we will still be human and may not be able to fly faster than a speeding bullet but we will have much more success and bliss in our lives.) Who isn’t up for some BLISS?

I’ve been guided to bring together some special tools that I use in my one-on-one healing practice in a format that makes it more accessible for people who don’t live in Los Angeles, cannot devote the resources to one-on-one work or need something flexible where they can come to class live or watch it later on replay. (I know how busy we all are!)

We’ll be using a synthesis of tools from energy work and shamanic healing; from meditation and hypnosis; and I’ll be an open channel to let the wisdom needed in the moment flow through!  In this group format you’ll be part of the healing energy as we all how space for each other to process what we need to process and claim our dreams and destiny.

Week One:   The Foundation.  Understanding this Aligned Model and the Levels of Perception.   Where can you shift your focus for Healing  no matter what area of your life feels out of balance.  Why You can’t fix yourself with LOGIC.   Why the practices of ancient wisdom are so helpful here.

Week Two:   Your Intuition and Inner Guidance.  Messages From Your Body and what it might be telling you about your Energy.  Learn Body dialoguing to get information quickly.

Week Three:  It Still Hurts!   Dealing with Trauma and the Story that comes with it.  Stepping out of the Triangle of Dis-Empowerment.  Everyone has trauma, some bigger than others.  Most of us have lots of unprocessed stuff that is keeping us from moving forward with grace and ease.

Week Four:  Deja Vu Again?  Soul Contracts, Past Lives and Cultural Patterns.  Why these things matter and what the key is to move beyond them.

Week Five:   It’s in Your DNA!  Ancestral Healing.   You can be an agent of healing for your whole family!

Week Six:   Claiming Your Destiny!   Notice what visions you get for your life not that we’ve released some of the heavy energy weighing you down.

Each class will be part lecture, part healing process with time at the end for discussion. I may adjust each class based on the energy I feel from the group and what is most important.  Spiritual guides and healing presences were palpably present holding space in the first two classes I taught this year  I promise high value calls each week!

  • Each session will be about an hour and a half hour to two hours long. 
  • You can access via your computer with your webcam or via phone.
  • Each Webinar will be recorded in case you have to miss a week or want to listen again.
  • Handouts will be provided so you can focus on being present on the call.
  • And we will have a top secret clubhouse on Facebook where you can ask questions and chat with other class members in between classes.

What is your investment?

I’m not going to go “all sales” on you.  I’m keeping the price ridiculously low and I hope it speaks to you to join me!

Your investment for six weeks is only $99.00.

Repeating healing circle students receive a $20 discount.

And as a BONUS:  As an active student of the program, you can buy additional private sessions with me during the time you in the workshop at the reduced rate of $100 an hour.  (In person in Pasadena area, via phone or Skype. Additional fees will be necessary if I am traveling to you)

This is my way of supporting you if you need deeper work while you are in process during the circle.  (The $100 price is a 33% Discount over Regular Session fees of $150 an hour.)

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Next Start Date:

Tuesday Evening April 22 at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time

ONLY $99 for 6 weeks with an opportunity to do DEEP personal work in a safe circle.


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While you are actively enrolled as a Healing Online Student, you can buy as many session hours as you want from me at $100 an hour. This is my way of supporting your through this work.

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If you have questions feel free to send me a message and I’m happy to answer them for you!

Here are some comments from our first class participants:

“Carol is an amazing teacher who brings her varied background and numerous healing techniques together to heal the mind and heart of everyone she encounters. The work is absolutely transformational! I have sent numerous clients and friends to work with Carol and we are all grateful for what she has done in our lives!” Michelle Hubatsek, Matchmaker, Dating and Relationship Coach, The Lovington Group, Hollywood, CA

“When Carol opened sacred space in the first class, I could feel the spirit guides and healing presences all around me.  She holds beautiful healing space for doing your work.”  LS, Los Angeles, CA