Online Writing Workshops with Carol Woodliff

Writer at desk scratching head

Do you want to get your book done?

Do you want it to be done well?

Weekly Online writer support groups to help you birth the book of your dreams!

  • Size limited to 6 writers.
  • Enter into the scared space of creative intention and safety.
  • Share your writing each week
  • Receive coaching from Carol
  • Give and receive feedback.
  • When time permits, writing exercises that help you explore your project.
  • Join in via the Internet via webcam or Phone.

“Carol holds a beautiful space for writers to share their work safely and supported. The writing circle for me was a great part of my week connecting with other writers, all with the intentional goal to publish. I grew as much from hearing the others’ work as I did from sharing my own pieces and receiving feedback!” CP, Chicago

THURSDAY MORNINGS 9a-11am Pacific Time. Contact me for interview details.

  • Accountability.
  • Deadlines. 
  • Support.
  • Feedback.
  • Celebrate your Courage.
  • Writing Time.
  • Safe and Sacred Space to Write Badly so You Can Write Well.

“The group becomes your writing family. Your sisters and brothers who intimately understand both the exhilaration and the discouragements of keeping up with the  demands of literary creation. Ultimately in those moments when you feel like you don’t have anything to say,  and do not want to write because “who could possibly care anyway” the group is there for you. And when someone wants to know what happens to your character next, and what is coming to pass, and why, sometimes that is all it is needed for you to sit down and get going.” O.L. Redondo Beach, CA

Why work with me as your coach?  

I have an intuitive ability to tap into the book you are trying to write and help you bring it into the world.  I’ll help you be the best writer you can be.  I am sensitive to the creative soul and will help you bring out your best expressive self.   In addition to writing, each week we will work on letting go of the blocks to expressing yourself in YOUR VOICE. Best part about art is that it allows us to heal and grow in connection to our highest self! As a shaman and healer, I can help you remove the blocks that say, “Who am I . . .?”

I am the author of the award-winning spiritual memoir: From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life.  I have been a writer my whole life.  If you went through the papers my mother saved from grade school you would see the budding author there.  I have a degree in journalism from Marquette University. Have studied writing for over 30 years–both fiction and nonfiction. I was a member of the Los Angeles Theater Center’s playwright’s group, WORDSMITHS; have written a play that was featured at the New Works Festival at the Theater Center. Have edited several books for others, ghost written articles and coached many writers to complete books, website materials and theses.

I’m here to help you get your project done and what it takes on your part is COMMITMENT.   Commitment to sign up, commitment to carve out time in your busy schedule and commitment to show up.

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison

I’m looking for a special group of people who want to show up for each other and their projects. Class size is limited! So that everyone has time to work and share.

You must commit to being with the group for two months.  I realize that sometimes you might have to go out of town and not be able to join a class but your commitment is for the whole month. No refunds or credits are available for classes missed on your part.  There is synergy and inspiration when committed souls gather and it is my goal to create that for all who join this group. (At the end of the previous month, I calculate how many sessions we will have and send out invoices.  If for any reason, I have to cancel a night due to an event or we decide to not meet due to a holiday week, I will issue class credits for the sessions we miss. It is my commitment to be with you and for you to get your money’s worth and then someone!

 “ I always wanted to write a book. Joining Carol’s Writer’s Workshop has been the key to launching the book I’ve had inside me..” T.G. Penn Valley, CA


What genre can I write in?  

The group is designed for creating longer works that will be shared with the public.  You can write fiction, non-fiction, plays or longer performance pieces.  We aren’t a poetry group so unless your poetry is part of larger body of work like a one-person show, this isn’t your workshop.  If you are a poet, I admire your use of language but you will find better support elsewhere. This is not a journaling group. While I believe that journaling is an important skill that can lead to the creation of a longer piece of work like a memoir, if you are joining the group, your focus must be on creating a piece that will be publicly shared with the world. There are great personal journaling workshops elsewhere which will be a better fit if you are journaling for self expression only.

Why are you asking for a two month commitment?  Can’t I just try it out and see if it works for me?

The cliche is that Roman wasn’t built in a day; neither are writing habits. Writing can be hard work and we often have to break through our own resistance to showing up.   I ask for new students to commit to two months because it means you won’t give up in those early stages where those voices are telling you to quit. It is also a commitment to the other members of the group that you will be there to support them. I hope after the two month commitment you will be sold on the format and want to continue.

What platform are you using for the meetings?

I use a meeting platform called FUZE meeting.   It requires that you download a small file to your computer and then we can all connection via the Internet and participate via webcam.  At this time, I am capping each group at 6 people so that everyone has time to work and share.  If your internet connection is slow, you can join via phone in the United States.  Long Distance Toll Charges may apply depending on your phone plan.

What does it cost?
$20 per session multiplied by the number of sessions. ($80 for a four-week month. $100 for a five-week month.)

If you have questions, I am happy to do a short phone or FUZE session to answer your questions before you commit.

IF YOU ARE READY TO SAY “YES” to your writing, contact me at (818) 516-9399 or to schedule an interview to get started.