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Each week, I hostCarol Woodliff a radio show on the Creating Calm Network on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. Pacific Time called Dancing with Life. (Formerly Shifting From Scared to Sacred Radio.)

Replay links for all the shows with descriptions are available below.   My goal is to inspire and assist you in living a life that is mystical and grounded at the same time so you get the best dance out of life.  I love to talk about what it means to honor our human experience while we express our most sacred selves here on earth.

My co-host on recent shows has been my friend and amazing musician and songwriter, Susan Kay Wyatt you can find her music on Itunes and

The show is on hiatus right now but you can listen to our replays by clicking on the link below.

August 13, 2014 Jumping the Shark
When is time to quit? In Hollywood there is a phrase called “jumping the shark” where a television show has run out of steam and is struggling to create shows of the same quality they had produced in the shows early years. It normally means they created an outrageous or far fetched show to try to draw in viewers. In life there are many times when we know we are done with something, or we know we should make a change and yet we hold on. Or we try too hard to make something happen and it just fizzles. Join us as we talk about our own Jump the Shark moments and how we can get clear of when it is time to move on.

August 6, 2014 Q&A about Shamanism
On most Dancing with Life shows, Carol talks a bit about the shamanic perspective or uses a tool from her training to help us dance with life. Join Author and Shaman Carol Woodliff as she answers questions about shamanism in Today’s World. Is it in conflict with traditional religion? What tools and gifts are there for all of us? How can we reclaim the gifts our indigenous heritage? What is a modern shaman? How are science and the ancient practices of the shaman meeting?

July 30, 2014 Tired of the Dance?
Do you think you need to be doing all the time? Are you one of those people who judge yourself when you need downtime? Have you been working really hard and aren’t happy with the way things are going. Join shaman and author Carol Woodliff and Susan Kay Wyatt as we talk about some key things to remember when you get tired and frustrated.

July 23, 2014 Resistance
Why do we not take action on the things we say we want to do? Join author and shaman Carol Woodliff & Susan Kay Wyatt as we dig in again to talk about that Pesky Inner Fiend–Resistance. There’s something funny about the subconscious. It always strives to protect us. It thinks what we know now is safer and better than any change we want to make. It says stay with what you know. This is something we all have to challenge with any change you want to make but especially in areas of expressing the fullness of who you are. What are the other causes of resistance from the shamanic or spiritual perspective. Could one of those causes be blocking you? How can you set up systems to help you move through resistance?

July 16, 2014 Looking for the Warranty?Don’t you wish life came with a warranty? That you got a guarantee that if you took path X it would all work out the way you wanted it to? Join Shaman and author Carol Woodliff as we talk about how this very human desire for a warranty or guarantee. Where are you good at going with the flow and taking risks and where do stop yourself because you aren’t sure how it is all going to work out?

July 9, 2014 On Hiatus

July 2, 2014 Soul Care
In this show, we want to talk about taking care of the soul. The deeper longings and needs we have to experience and express ourselves that aren’t covered by traditional self-care strategies. What would taking care of your soul look and feel like to you?

June 25, 2014 Showing Up
Join us today as we talk about the power of SHOWING UP. Sometimes we don’t feel like IT. That IT can be working on a project, going to the class we decided to take, going to the party we said we’d be at. There is a power in holding to your commitments and showing up.  It’s where the magic often happens and where we create the energy shifts. Join Carol Woodliff and Susan Kay Wyatt as we “show up” for our show and let’s have a conversation about saying yes and being present even when we don’t feel like it.

June 18, 2014 What You Don’t Know
On today’s show we are going to talk about admitting all we don’t know. It’s a practice of being vulnerable and open to the mystery that is life. Are you blocking what would be possible for you because of what you think you already know? Could emulating the fool in the Tarot help you as you embark on the next adventures in your life? Perhaps one of the most powerful things we can do is to admit that our best thinking often doesn’t have the answers for the challenges we are facing.

June 11, 2014 The Power of Shifting Our Stories.
We tell ourselves stories all the time. Half the time we don’t even realize how powerful the stories we tell ourselves are. Do your stories help you? Or keep you stuck? Do they encourage you to love or keep you stuck in fear? Join as we tell stories about how shifting your story viewpoint shifts your life!

June 4, 2014 Playing the Game
Have you ever noticed how well sports or game analogies fit the different challenges of life? That there are certain times when life seems to be changing all the rules? Where you have to decide if you are going to play the game in your career even though some of the game seems unfair or doesn’t make sense? Join Shaman Carol Woodliff with Susan Kay Wyatt as we chat about all the challenges of playing the game of life.

May 28, 2014  Gurus & Guides
Join us for Dancing with Life Radio as we discuss the roles guides and gurus. Have you had a good guide or teacher? What did he or she bring to the table for you? Have you had a guide or teacher that you had to sever ties with? What happened in that relationship? Have you ever had your inner guidance go wonky? What’s up with that? How can we find our inner guides and inner guru to help us discern what is good guidance?

May 21, 2014:  What the “little things” are telling you.
It’s the little stuff that can often give you a clue to where you need to do deeper work. Many times we ignore the ways we get tripped up by the “little things” but these are simple doorways into healing. What is that “little stuff” is asking you to look at? Don’t just bury your head in the sand and ignore it! What are your “little things” asking you to release and let go of? Join us in laughing, learning and letting go of the “little stuff.” (Some of which actually isn’t so little!)

May 14, 2014:  We were on hiatus.

May 7, 2014 Your Lenses & Filters. 
Have you ever heard that someone is looking at the world through rose colored glasses? Or have you heard that certain people can find the dark cloud in any situation? It is often easy to see where other people have filters or lenses, but what are yours? Are they helping you or hurting you?  There are so many photography analogies that can help us “see” our life journey in a new way. Do you use a macro lens and examine everything in minute detail, or are you a panorama kind of person? Are you focusing closely when you need to look at the big picture?

April 30, 2014 Resistance & Procrastination.
Let’s talk what stops us from GOING BIG!  Join us in this discussion of the ups and downs of:  Being Exhausted, Being Distracted, Deciding to scrub your bathroom grout with a toothbrush, or whatever way YOU Avoid going for your goals.  These and more are signs of resistance which causes procrastination and other assorted blocks to Getting it Done.   We’ll laugh about the ways we can get in our own way and talk the real thing we have to do to get around those blocks we put in our own way!

April 23, 2014:  Dancing with Life.  Changes. We are changing the name but not the great conversation. Shifting from Scared to Sacred Radio is becoming Dancing with Life Radio.  This week we are talking about change! The change of the show title. Stepping closer and closer to our callings. What do you do when the old “you” doesn’t fit anymore, or you realize you have been playing a role for others? If you are bold–you allow yourself to grow and change.  Join us as we talk about how you can support yourself through change. Reach for the stars, shed what doesn’t serve you and move forward. Where do you need to let go of the past and step into the new? Have you made a big change recently? Have you had changes “forced” upon you and you are grappling with what to do next?

April 16, 2014:  Embracing ALL of Your Talents.
Do you ever feel like you have to choose–artist or business person? Healer or performer? Mother or Business Person? The world loves to put us in boxes. But we also do it to ourselves. What if we embraced our inner “Renaissance Person”? (Okay so the phrase as most commonly used is “Renaissance Man” but we don’t have to limit it to just men!) When people talk about Renaissance Man the person often used as an example is Leonardo da Vinci who was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. I actually get tired reading about everything he did, but I also get inspired.  Join us as we talk about GO FOR IT and EMBRACING ALL of WHO WE ARE.  What are the challenging of LIVING that BIG DREAM? What if we didn’t let the voices in our head and out in the world stop us? What if we embraced being multi-talented? How would the world change? These are just some of the topics we will talk about on today’s show.

April 9, 2014:  Collecting Evidence.
Of the thousands of things going right with your life, do you focus on the few things that aren’t working?  Seems to be human nature, doesn’t it? Join us as we look at all the way we collect evidence and whether it is helping us or hurting us. This goes beyond being optimistic or pessimistic to how we train ourselves to collect and weigh the evidence of what is happening around us.  How can you change how you “see” to help you live a happier and healthier live?

This show had some technical difficulties and ended up in two parts.  You can listen to Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

The show was on Hiatus on March 26 and April 2.

 March 19, 2014: The Ego and Our Super Powers.
We hear so many spiritual people talking about getting rid of the ego or making the ego “bad.” What if that approach is blocking us from fully embracing our gifts? What is we started looking at the ego as part of the human operating equipment that we need to learn how to drive?  Join us as we talk about an entirely different way to think about our egos that will empower us to own light and use our gifts for the world.  Carol sees so many sensitive, creative, intuitive people being blocked by their fear of claiming their special powers in the world.  Let’s claim and own our superpowers for the good of all!

March 12. 2014:  Being Sensitive. 
Do you consider yourself a sensitive person?  Are you effected by other’s energies? World events?   Have you been labeled as fragile because of how you process the world around you?  Join usas we talk about the gifts and challenges of being a sensitive person in this time of change and growth for the world.

March 5, 2014:  The Power of Ritual.
Many people dismiss rituals as superstition but living a ritual or ceremony free life may actually be making it harder to get where you want to go in life.  Join us as we talk about ritual and ceremony and what needs they fulfill and how they work with your brain.  What’s your feeling about ceremony and ritual?   Do you dismiss it?  Embrace it or are you somewhere in between?

February 26, 2014: Getting It Done.
Are you getting IT done?  Your big IT–you know the one, your heart’s calling.
In spiritual terms we are cautioned to remember that we are human beings not human doings but how do you marshal your energy and work with the forces of the universe to get things done?  Especially those things that are important to you.   Join us as we talk about making time for the heart projects that are calling to us and cleaning up those back burner projects that never quite get finished. We all get the same 24 hours in the day, what do shamans and other spirit folks know about time shifting and to get things done and LIVE your precious life!

February 19, 2014: What’s up for you?
Whatever you are struggling with in your life right now is a doorway to your spirit and healing.  So what is up for you? 
We often want to make the quest for enlightenment or spiritual connection complicated rather than asking Spirit or the Universe to meet us right where we are.  There is nothing to be ashamed of in your human journey.  And there is nothing wrong with what is up for you right now.  Join us as we share, laugh and heal in this conversation that says wherever you are is enough!

February 12, 2014: All About Love with Matchmaker Michelle Hubatsek.
Life asks us to share our hearts.  It asks us to believe in love.  Even in the best relationships there can be times we wish we were better at LOVE. Whether you are happily matched, looking for your love or happily single, Join me as I welcome Los Angeles’ premier Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach, Michelle Hubatsek in a conversation about All About LOVE. Letting go of fears, embracing vulnerability, finding and keeping love in our lives–all topics that could be on the table.  We will see where the LOVE Talk takes us.

February 5, 2014Reading Signs & Symbols.
Signs and symbols are all around us.  The universe is conspiring to send us messages to help us. Join us in a discussion of signs, symbols and totems and why the ancient practice of reading signs shouldn’t be dismissed as superstition.  What signs and symbols that have helped you chart a course of action or the ones you read “wrong” and led you somewhere you would have preferred not to go?  Call in to share your experiences with sign and symbols or if you would like help deciphering what a sign might mean for you.

January 29, 2014: Behind the Curtain.
Most of us live two lives: a public life and a private or “behind the curtain” life. 
There’s nothing wrong with that.   We don’t need to share every part of ourselves and every thought we have with every person we meet. But so many of us live lives were we don’t look honestly at what is going on behind the curtain with anyone.  This can create fear of being discovered for being an imposter.  Join me as we discuss the common things that are going on in our “behind the curtain lives.”   Most often when we share our deepest challenges and fears, someone will say:  “Oh my, I thought I was the only one who felt that way!”  Who do you let behind your curtain?  Can we live more transparent lives and empower each other?

January 22, 2014:   Healing Circles.  Are you trying to live your purpose and from your heart?   Having supportive people around you can help you stay on track.   Support circles, masterminds and healing groups are very powerful tools, IF YOU CONNECT with people who have similar mindsets and goals.  We discuss the different types of healing and support circles available and how you can decide if one is right for you.  We’ll discuss how to hold space for each other that keeps us aligned the highest and best good for all!  And when do you need to find a new circle or go it alone!  Not everyone has a group near them.  The beauty of the Internet is that we can connect with like-minded people anywhere in the world.

January 15, 2014:  Stop Trying to Do It All Yourself
Are you one of those people who takes pride in being independent but the finds yourself tired and resentful from trying to do it all yourself?  Creating from your personal will can be exhausting.  STOP!   Stop trying to do it all yourself!  Human beings are not meant to go it alone.  We are more powerful when we are connected. Let’s shift so we are courageous enough to be real and open to the support both from spirit and from other people.

January 8, 2014:   Cleaning Your “Closet” for 2014
Most of us have a physical space a closet, the garage, or a drawer that holds “stuff” we’ve put away and forgotten about.  We also have subconscious closets where we shove the emotions or experiences that we didn’t fully process in life.  There is a correlation between what we don’t process in our lives and how free we are to live joyfully and expansively in this moment.

January 1,  2013 & December 25, 2013:  The show was on hiatus

December 18, 2013:   Holiday Fun, Stress and Healing.
The holiday season can be lots of fun.   It can also bring stress.   Old patterns and expectations can come up.  When you get triggered by a family member, when you feel blue because your life isn’t how you’d like it to be, it is actually a call for healing.  You shouldn’t pack away those emotions that get triggered after the holidays are over.  The emotions are actually an opportunity to heal and let go once and for all.  Do you try to do too much to make the holidays perfect?  Are you dealing with loss or regret?  Are you trying to buy love?

December 11, 2013:  Staying Heart Centered in a High Tech World.
Technology has given us many ways to connect with each other.  How can we stay heart centered when dealing with the challenges of technology?  Join me and co-host, singer/songwriter Susan Kay Wyatt as we discuss the challenges of our high tech world.

December 4, 2013:  What’s Better Than Perfect?
If you are someone who has striven to be perfect and to improve yourself
, you may find yourself tired and feeling like an imposter.  Join me, Carol Woodliff as we discuss how being real is so much better than being perfect.  Let go of impossible expectations and enjoy being human, messy and authentic. Don’t let perfectionism keep you from living your life full out.  Love and a Good Sense of Humor are the essential tools for a well-lived life!

November 27, 2013: Does Holiday time with your family push your buttons?
Holiday time can be challenging.  No matter how much we love our families, there can be conflict and drama. After all, many of our buttons were installed by our families! In this pre-recorded episode, Carol talks about healing our family and ancestral wounds and holding love for what we feel is unlovable in ourselves, our family and the world.  Any time we are activated it is the perfect time to move out of the action/reaction cycle and into the healing power of compassion. This episode contains a reprise of an episode from the Soulful Sunday Experience on 7/14/13, new information and an offer to help you do some healing over the holidays.

November 20, 2013: Living in The Unfolding.
How comfortable are you with not knowing something? Do you wish you could just figure out yourself, your family and friends and life in general? Are you a planner, a fixer,  a perfectionist?  Would people call you a control freak?  Join me and my co-host and producer Susan Kay Wyatt as we discuss why trying to figure it all out and planning too far ahead may be blocking us from living the lives we were meant to live.   In my book From Scared to Scared, I was told to live in the unfolding.  This isn’t something I’ve mastered. As a recovering control freak, I’m trying to follow Adriana Trigiani’s quote from Big Stone Gap:  “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.”  How can we embrace the mystery and uncertainty of life and enjoy life more?  How good are you at living in the unfolding?

November 13, 2013On Boundaries and Being A Bitch.
Myth:  Spiritually enlightened people are always nice, loving and diplomatic. 
Join me with my Producer Susan Kay Wyatt  as we dive deep into what it means to be a spiritual warrior.  Why we do we have so much trouble with Boundaries?  Are you Assertive or Are You a Bitch or a Witch?  Who gets to decide?  How we can have healthy boundaries and understand the sacred role of the Feminine that often gets labeled “Bitch” or “Witch.” In this show we are going to look why coming to terms with history can help us be our full authentic spiritual selves.  Let’s have an honest discussion about judgments we sling at women for being assertive and what might be happening when we meet someone who seems to fit the label.

November 6, 2013:  Spiritual Muscle/Spiritual Hygiene.
How’s your Spiritual Muscle?  Do you have good Spiritual Hygiene? Funny Questions but oh so important.   We often think we can have the connection without practice.   Last week, we talked about how many of us felt like we were here to do something BIG!  It takes Commitment, Courage and Discipline to break through the patterns of fear and bad habits which tell us it is safer to live SMALL.  How do we tap into the Spiritual Warrior within who can help us shift away from fear to letting love lead us?  Join me for a “let’s get real” discussion about what it takes to live aligned with the heart’s calling .  It involves something many of us resist– finding a practice that works for us individually and having the discipline to stick with it.

October 30, 2013:   The Power of Asking: Are You Comfortable Asking for What You Desire?  Do you often think it is easier to do it yourself rather asking for help?  Reluctance to ask for what we want and need is one of the ways we block our physical and spiritual progress. If things aren’t working in your life, it might be time to polish up your asking skills. Join me in this discussion about The Power of Asking. One of the biggest breakthroughs in my life came when I threw her hands up to the Universe and asked a question. Your breakthrough may be as simple as your next question.

October 23, 2013The Healing Power of Play.  How playful are you?   Do you take time to do things that fill you up?  Is doing something simply because you enjoy it hard for you?  Join me as we discuss the healing power of play. Life is more than simply “getting by.”  Many of us have created comfort zones that aren’t that fun and we need to bust out of that practical adult mode and do something silly!  Let go of all your have to’s and should’s and develop a deeper relationship with joy and your true spiritual essence.

“When we cultivate a relationship with our joy, our hearts and spirits expand and we remember who we are.”   From Carol’s book From Scared to Sacred.

October 16, 2013: What if most of the slogans you’ve heard about fear were not helping you? Is there a gentler way to hold fear that will help you be more compassionate and powerful? Join us as we discuss how all those slogans can trip us up and why developing a new relationship with fear and being uncomfortable can help us embrace life!

October 9, 2013:  Joined by my friend Susan Kay Wyatt. It isn’t just your thinking. We are told that if we change our thinking we can change our lives. We repeat affirmations, we work hard to take new actions and we find certain patterns repeating like Groundhog day. Join us as we explore why change your thinking doesn’t work for most people. And it isn’t your fault! The “change your thinking” model ignores your emotional and energetic experiences.

October 2: 2013:  My first live Show, engineering on my own!   Are you challenged of balancing your human experience of life with what your heart and spirit know? Join the discussion of how we shift from our human experiences of fear, doubt and the challenges of making a life to living from our hearts and spirits.

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Prior to October Shifting From Scared to Scared was a 20-25 minute segment on a program called The Soulful Sunday Experience on the Creating Calm Network.  You can listen to those shows at the links below.

September 29, 2013: Perfectionism and Judgment: Are these toxic mental patterns keeping you from living fully? Can we understand and be compassionate with ourselves? Is it safe to explore who you are?

September 22, 2013:  This week’s topic is about spreading your wings, being willing to fail and taking those risks that help you to soar.

September 15, 2013:  What happens when you are running low on inspiration, when you’ve got nothing?  That’s what happened when I started to record this show.  Find out what happened.

September 8, 2013: Do you ever feel that you are not worthy? Not good enough? How can you be human and sacred at the same time? Do you have a sacred song within you that needs to be sung?  Then sing it out – stir it up.

September 1, 2013:  Do you ever feel like you are standing in the proverbial pile of manure? Are you burned out? Tired? Discouraged? Carol shares with transparency, her similar feelings as she reminds us to embrace being so damn human and to learn to let the sacred into our lives and allow it to unfold.

August 25, 2013:  What we can do when we see mean-spiritedness on the web or anywhere else in life?

August 18, 2013:  How do we love ourselves through those difficult times when spirit is working with us to birth a more conscious evolution of self?

August 11, 2013:  Are you brave enough to speak your truth?

August 4, 2013:  Join me for a discussion of human probabilities versus sacred possibilities.

July 28, 2013:   Join me for a discussion of being compassionate with ourselves through those difficult times in life.

July 21, 2013:  Join me for a discussion of beliefs and experiences.   How choosing a belief informs our experience of life.

July 14, 2013:  Join me for a discussion of Ancestral Healing and why sending love to the hurts of the past can free us today.

July 7, 2013  What I mean when I talk about “living in the unfolding” and why it is just as important to have out “to be” lists as it is our “to do” lists.

June 30, 2013:    The Rise of Divine Partnership.  We often hear how the Divine Feminine is rising.   I speak how if we only focus on the rise of the feminine, we will still be out of balance.

June 23, 2013:  How do you shift from scared to sacred? Do you get frustrated by your fears? What are you choosing? Do you have a blame mentality or a debrief process?

June 16, 2013:  Tribute to Fathers and a discussion soulful experiences.

June 9, 2013: A Discussion of Authenticity and Shadow

June 2, 2013: A Discussion of Signs And Synchronicity and Hearing the Whispers from Spirit

May 26, 2013:  Seeing the Divine in Nature around you.

May 19, 2013: Power of Love and Compassion and connecting to the Sacred Within as a healing Force and Going First

May 12, 2013:

May 5, 2013:

April 28, 2013:

April 21, 2013:

April 14, 2013:

April 7, 2013:

March 31, 2013:


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