Hypnosis FAQs

Answers to Some Common Questions Asked about Hypnosis

What Exactly Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural trance state which most people experience naturally several times a day. If you have ever:

  • been so deep in thought that someone needed to call your name more than once to get your attention;
  • been engrossed in a good book so that the rest of the world faded away;
  • lay in bed in the morning in that half sleepy state and debated about getting out of bed;
  • driven on “auto-pilot” missing an exit;
  • experienced guided visualizations in yoga or meditation classes;
  • or fallen “half asleep” on the couch while the television was on and you were still aware of the television but found it hard to move or talk

then you have been in a form of trance that could be called hypnosis.

 What is Hypnotherapy?

Therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy uses this natural trance state to help you access and communicate with the subconscious mind.  The hypnotherapist uses a number of techniques from direct suggestions, to stories, imagery and visualization techniques.

What Areas Can Be Addressed With Hypnosis?

Most areas of your life that you want to improve can be addressed with hypnosis. However, hypnosis is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. In some cases, a medical or psychological consultation may be required.

How Many Sessions Will It Take?

It depends on you and the issue you are working on.  Some issues like weight loss may mean on-going sessions while you deal with all the issues that present themselves about your eating program and exercise.  Other issues may easily be addressed in a few sessions.  Carol normally recommends that clients commit to at least 3 sessions up front as this allows you the opportunity to try it and see how it works for you.

How Do I Know If I Can Be Hypnotized?

If you have the desire to be hypnotized and you are able to listen to and follow instructions, you can be hypnotized. Certain people are naturally deep subjects, others experience hypnosis in a lighter state. Clients may find that they can go deeper with practice. However, suggestions given in lighter states of hypnosis can be just as effective as those given in deeper states.

If on the other hand, you want to prove you can’t be hypnotized, you will be right.  No one can hypnotize you and make you do anything against your will.

Will I Lose Control and Do Something Silly?

After seeing stage shows, many people worry about being under the “control” of the hypnotherapist. This is a common misconception about hypnosis. Stage hypnotists seek out people who are willing to be hypnotized and willing to entertain. People who aren’t willing to put on a show are quickly dispatched back to their seats in the audience. You can hear and respond to everything during hypnosis and even choose to “wake up” at will. You cannot be compelled to do or say anything under hypnosis that is in conflict with your personal code. You won’t lose control and you won’t say or do anything you don’t want to do.

You do, however, have to be willing to follow the suggestions given you as best you can for relaxation.  Carol is good at helping people achieve the relaxed state necessary but she can’t force you to go there.  Only you can allow yourself to relax and only you can think about the things she suggests.

Everything that is suggested will be as a result of the conversation you have with Carol before your session.  While Carol may weave what you told her into stories or pictures, there are really no surprises in what she tells you.  It is what you have stated you desire in life.

How Do I Choose A Hypnotherapist?

Choosing a hypnotherapist you are comfortable with is important. The rapport between the hypnotherapist and client is one of the keys to you being able to relax.  You must be comfortable enough to follow the hypnotherapist’s guidance. Because it is natural to be nervous about hypnosis, Carol offers free phone consultations so that they can answer any questions you have before your session.

Do You Work with Children?

At this time, Carol limits her practice to adults.

Can You Guarantee It Will Work for Me?

Just like a psychologist would never guarantee that you will resolve an issue working with them and doctors do not guarantee healing with their treatment, Carol cannot guarantee that hypnosis is the right tool for you.   Hypnotherapists that guarantee that they can “cure” or “fix” you in a certain number of sessions are not being honest with you.  At every step of the way from first phone call through your sessions, Carol will be honest with you about the process.  She has seen people use the power of their mind and heart to accomplish amazing things.  She has had clients who decide that other modalities are better suited for them and assisted them in finding caring practitioners in those fields.

Can Hypnosis Hurt Me?

If performed by an ethical trained practitioner, there is nothing in the hypnosis process that can hurt you.  If you think of hypnosis as a tool to vote for what you want in life.  It either helps you get what you want or it doesn’t.  You don’t end up worse off than when you started.

What’s Your Question About Hypnosis?

If you have a question about how therapy can work for you personally, please contact Carol for a private consultation.

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