Stop Managing Stress!

Stop Managing Stress!

20 Questions to Reclaim Your Life

is available now!

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Announcing my latest book with co-author, Karen Maleck-Whiteley.

It's all about how to stop managing what you don't want in your life.   We know you are an excellent manager.  You probably know now to juggle and get so much done in a day that people think you are superwoman!  But come on! Isn't that exactly what stresses you out?This is the anti-stress management book for women.  Why should you stop managing stress?  Because stress management techniques may help ease the pressure of your hectic life, but they often keep you locked in a cycle.  You take the pressure off a little by applying one of the well-known stress management techniques and then you dive right back into life and pretty soon it is like you never had that vacation or massage.When you focus on managing stress, you are focusing on the very thing you want less of: STRESS!  We invite women to Stop Managing Stress! and ask questions that can help you reclaim your life.

The 20 Questions in this book focus on where you can be powerful right now. When you ask the right questions at the right time, you move beyond coping with what you don't want, to creating what you do.We wrote this book in a grounded and humorous style with stories from our lives.  Our goal was to create an easy read that allows you to know you are not alone or crazy. Shifting your focus with one question can change everything!  These are questions you know but may forget to ask yourself when you are trying to manage your stress.Don't get us wrong, we love to get a massage, take a vacation, find some quiet time for ourselves and we know that regular exercise and meditation is important.  But what is more important is choosing thoughts that empower us and seeing where we are voting for what we don't want with our beliefs and actions.

Pick a question and find a reminder that helps you step off the stress express!


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About Carol & Karen

We met in Hypnosis School and felt like we had found a sister from another mother. In fact a psychic told us once that we had been twins joined at the head in a past life. She told us to meditate with our heads together. We don't know whether her intuitive hit was true but we do know that we couldn't stop laughing when we tried to meditate with our heads together.

We have been coaching women for over 25 years. We like to think our approach is both intuitive and grounded. We have helped hundreds of women connect with their own internal wisdom, strength, resilience, creativity and joy. We are both hypnotherapists, have worked for many years in the corporate world and followed their own paths as businesswomen and artists to create lives that encompassed all their interests and passions. Carol is also the author of the book, From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life. She is a shaman, healer, writer, and performer. Carol is a graduate of Marquette University, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute and the Healing The Light Body Program at The Four Winds Society. Karen Maleck-Whiteley is an artist and co-owner of Divine You Crafts, makers of monthly conscious crafting kits. She co-owns Balance Point Spa in Santa Clarita, California providing treatments for body, mind and spirit. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and completed graduate work at University of San Francisco.

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