Woman in turquoise dress dancing in front of heart paiting

I danced with love (poem and painting by Carol Woodliff)

I danced with love, and it whispered to me,  “Love isn’t an outcome it is a process.” I danced with love. It said I will both hurt you and make you strong.  Love doesn’t make everything okay, but I will give you the courage to keep trying.  Give you the wisdom to know when you tried hard enough.  It is okay to need a timeout but not okay to check out completely. I danced with love, and it said sometimes hiding gives your heart time to recover.  Other times it is just a cop out. I danced with love, and she said, “Will you please look at the ways cut yourself with your words and expectations over and over again?” I danced with love and she said, “perfection isn’t required, compassion is.” I danced with love, and she took me to gentleness.  She walked me among the trees, showed me […]

Heart with light

Cultivate Powerful Love

This morning in my meditation journaling this  flew onto the page.   A reminder that we do have a choice on what we feed and cultivate.  I haven’t been sharing my “From Scared to Sacred” Messages but this reminder felt like it needed to me shared.  I call it Cultivate Powerful Love. Cultivate Powerful Love   In times of fear, powerful love is needed In times of feeling powerless, powerful faith and connection must be tended. Draw light from the sun, the moon and the stars. Ask that your light is made strong. Send roots down to Mother Earth. Ask her to ground you and make you steady in uncertain times. Connect with the Divine, The Source, however you experience That Highest Power. Ask for Love to Grow Strong. Send Love to someone who is sick. Send Love to those who are helping the sick. Send Love to the fear of […]

Rose quartz heart on stones

Adding Love to 2019

As we begin the new year, I am challenging myself with two questions designed to remind me to focus on adding love to 2019. After all love is that special sauce, the secret ingredient that makes everything better.  It certainly feels like we all could use some more of it. 1.     How can I demonstrate LOVE to myself? You may say things to yourself that you never would say to other people.  Or you put other people’s needs first and your heart is crying out for some care and concern for you.  Maybe you fell off the healthy eating wagon and you want to get back on without beating yourself up.  Or perhaps you always go for the attainable rather than your big dreams.   What would your loving self say or do for you? Last year I started a practice of saying the Ho’oponopono prayer as a mantra for a […]