Cropped image of young father and his cute little daughter dancing at home. Girl is standing on her father's feet

Messages from Dad through the Veil

“Your Dad is here and he wants me to tell you he doesn’t like your business cards!” the medium told me.   Out of all the things my dad could travel through the veil to tell, the fact that he did not like my business cards was not what I was expecting to hear. However, this woman had already shared some information about my ailing mother from my grandmother that seemed on point so I decided to go with it. “What doesn’t he like?” I asked, thinking of my clever cards for my hypnosis practice that had a red-haired cartoon woman with a pendulum on them. “He says you are much more creative and spiritual than those cards. He is showing me the color pink”. I knew the woman had to be getting her wires crossed. I could NEVER see myself with pink cards. Then she shared something with me […]

Peace Silver Dollar in My Mesa

A shaman’s mesa (medicine bundle) is a very personal  representation of that person’s relations and connections with spirit.   I don’t generally talk about the meaning of all the symbols in my mesa but a few weeks ago something happened and spirit has been nudging me to write about it ever since. Many months ago, I put a silver dollar that had belonged to father into my bundle.  Recently I opened my mesa to do ceremony with a spiritual friend and she asked me about the coin.  I told her that the coin represented many things to me: My father and my father’s lineage. The Lady Liberty on the coin reminds me to seek to see the world in a way that enhances liberty and love for all. The eagle has the ability to fly high with Great Spirit and see clearly. I pair the eagle with the Einstein quote that […]