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2018 The Year of Embodiment

Every year, I choose a theme or key word to help me focus my energy. I print the word big and bold and put it on my mirror and above my desk.  This year I chose EMBODIMENT. Before I settled on the word, I made a trip to the dictionary to see if it was the word I was looking for.  Embodiment/embody included the following: to give a body to (a spirit)/ incarnate to make concrete and perceptible to cause to become a body or part of a body/ incorporate to represent in human form or to personify. Yes, this is what I’m aiming for:  embodiment of health, joy, my shamanic path, creativity, writing and just as importantly embodiment of being fully human. Where are you on the embodiment scale?   If you’ve got it down and are owning all that you are good for you!   If you are “kind of, […]