Children Will Listen

I was walking through my neighborhood with my dog and I noticed a father kicking a ball around with his six or seven year old daughter. As I walked further along the street I heard the innocent little voice of the girl say, “But daddy that’s cheating.”  The father replied, “but the ref didn’t see me.” The little girl said again,  “Daddy you are cheating.”  The father replied “The referee didn’t see me do it.” It’s been 2 days and that little voice is still reverberating in my head. Is this what you want to teach her, Daddy, that it’s okay to cheat at a game as long as the ref doesn’t see you? Whether it’s cheating, unfair, illegal, or immoral, as long as you get yours, it’s all okay? A snippet of the song, “Children Will Listen” from the musical Into the Woods popped into my mind: Careful the things […]