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Month 5 for me of working from home and only heading out when required.

This post contains some practices/mindsets that have helped me navigate and which may spark some ideas for you. Plus I’m excited to announce two classes available in September.

Who would have thought a year ago this is where we would be?

I know I didn’t. But it has encouraged me to go deeper with my spiritual practices and asked me to step up in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. I’ve been honored to hold ceremony for families who have sick loved ones and for those who lost loved ones during this pandemic. There is something profound about doing death rites and helping souls cross over. It is sad certainly but also a privilege. I’m also doing lots of ceremonies of visioning the highest for this time. In each ceremony I do, I add prayers for my community which includes you! Holding ceremony for others and myself is part of the first thing that helps me–remembering to Dance with the Sacred.

Dance with the Sacred.

In Dancing with the Sacred we choose to turn our fears into a deeper connection to the Divine Universe and move from what scares us into seeing this time as an opportunity to do our sacred work. This can be reflection, ceremony and aligned action.  If we were born for this time, how do we use it well?  How do we hold love, compassion, kindness in this challenging time to create more heaven on earth?  I don’t have all the answers, but I think these are powerful questions to ask, take to ceremony and then act when I have some insight or direction. Insight doesn’t always come immediately but the practice of sacred reflection is powerful in itself.  (Side note: I launched my book From Scared to Sacred eight years ago on August 14. Time flies doesn’t it?)

Acknowledging the big time of chaos or Pachacuti.

Man pulling curtain of darkness to reveal a new better world. Change.

The Peruvian shamanic tradition I follow says we are in a time of great overturning and balancing–the Pachacuti, meaning “change of time” or “great change or disturbance in the social or political order.” The descendants of the Inca have predicted this time for over 500 years. It is a time where all the things that are not working will be brought to light and we will have the opportunity to choose how humanity moves forward.  Everything is up for evaluation personally and collectively. It certainly feels like we are in the time of Pachacuti. This is not an “end of the world” prophesy but the calling in of a new world. We have opportunities to envision something new, something that works for all and makes our world a better place.

Woman sleeping

Listening to Fatigue.

The energies are pretty intense. Sometimes we don’t have energy to “do” much of anything. Listen to your body, your soul and your intuitive knowing. Be kind when you are tired.  Sometimes a nap is good medicine.  This is a time to listen, to rest, to be, and to adjust expectations of what we can do right now.  PUSH energy needs to be reserved for those times that really need it as this is a marathon not a sprint.

Connect with your Ancestors.

old family photos in a pile My friend Victorea Luminary and I had a great discussion the other day about how our ancestors had to navigate uncertainty and challenges and that through them we can call in the strength and wisdom to rise to the occasion and create something out of chaos we are experiencing. Call upon the wise ones of your lineage to remind you that you have the grit within you to overcome and for assistance and guidance.  (You can read her post about calling upon your ancestors here.)

Embrace not knowing.

I encourage you to be compassionate on this human journey. None of us are going to handle this in the exact same way. None of us know what exactly is unfolding. None of us are perfect. And all of us have good days and not so good days. Breathe in and be grateful for that breath, breathe out love to the world.

Commit to things that bring you joy.

Simple things like having fresh flowers in the house or turning on music and dancing around the house lift my spirits.  Many of you know that I love to write and some of you know that in an earlier era of my life I was an actor and playwright.  The funny thing is while I love writing for performance, it is often the last thing on my list. I often have to force myself to show up for my art because other things seem more immediate. But once I push through the resistance to showing up for this part of myself, by scheduling some writing time or showing up for a writer’s group, I am refreshed and energized.  What lifts your spirits? What is something you avoid but when you do it, gives you joy?


I would love to hear from you.

Does any of this resonate with you? What are your challenges? What has helped you?

Classes in September

Check out the descriptions of the two new classes starting in September.

Introduction to Chumpi Stones and Chumpi Mesa

Hypnosis for Healers


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One Thought on “August Musings Navigating Change”

  • Dear Carol.
    Thank you for these reminders. I have been enjoying this time not having to drive, and doing the things I sometimes did not have to do before the pandemic. I am reading and following the Shamanic and health teachings of Dr. Alberto Villoldo at the moment. You have been very present in my mind during this time. I had thought about contacting you. I will soon, personally.
    Keep up the good work.

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