Every day there seems to be something that could make me sink into despair if I didn’t have regular practices to help me stay grounded.  It feels like all the darkness is up for healing like a deep-rooted infection, it is asking for our attention.  It is exhausting. We are witnessing millennia of winner/loser and kill-or-be-killed thinking.  It is action/reaction creating a revolving door of retribution and “what about-ism.”  For those of us trying to connect to our highest heart and create a more loving world, witnessing events that seem to show the worst of humanity rising may be too much for us to bear at times.

I feel a sense of Déjà vu.  One of my friends and I joke, “here we go again!”  as we talk about the sense that we have been in places like Atlantis and Lemuria as those civilizations fell.  We remind each other that we chose to be here at this very time.  We must have some work to do.

In my walks and meditation practice, I ask for guidance.  “What can we do? How do we shift this?”   I heard very clearly this morning, “Take it to the Fire.”  “Take what to the fire?”

All of it! Look at human history and ask that spirit enter into those old events and patterns and begin to transform the energy of those events.

  • Slavery
  • Genocides
  • Family feuds
  • Boundary disputes.
  • The abuses of religion
  • The inquisition
  • The abuse of women and children
  • The abuse that patriarchy puts on men where it only allows certain expressions of the masculine and bullies the others.
  • A society that thinks the wealthy are more deserving as people than the poor.
  • White supremacy
  • Greed over generosity

That was my short list–so much to take it all to the fire.

Shamanic traditions use fire ceremonies to invoke the power of transformation.  We can blow the energy of those old patterns into the offerings that we bring to the fire–be they sticks or prayer bundles.  We can invite spirit to come to the fire and help transform the old energies into love and make each of us agent of peace.  I don’t go to the fire as often I would like.  I’m making a commitment to do it more often.

We can also call forth the Violet Flame.   Often attributed to St. Gemaine, working with this flame calls forth the light said to be the highest frequency in the visible spectrum.   I use the violet flame when I’m doing healing work with clients, asking that light to help protect and to transform all the heavy energies that may be released in a session.   There are many Violet Flame meditations on the Internet.   But my call is simple:

I call forth the transforming and transmuting power of the Violet Flame.  Let me be one with the highest spiritual energy.  May that energy enter into this situation or relationship.  May it release old hurts, old karma, heavy energies and bring forth the highest love.

Violet Flame

If you feel called, join me.  Create your own ceremony.  And you are always welcome at mine in person or in spirit.    Invoke the violet flame.   Let’s do this.   Let’s take it to the fire.

What energies are you committed to take to the fire?

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