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So many of my clients have the same story as I did, "I have known since childhood that I was here to do something BIG, but I had a hard time knowing what that BIG was." I help those who want to bust out that place of feeling trapped by the constraints of being human--fear, doubt and worry--all the ways we are taught to play SMALL. When we have the COURAGE & DISCIPLINE to face our darkest places and bring light to them we SHINE!

If you are ready to take the journey, I invite you to explore my site and let me know how I can help you!

My book, From Scared to Sacred, is available on Amazon and other fine on-line retailers.

It has been called, "equal parts practical, mystical and just refreshingly real" and "Delightfully Written Spiritual Lessons with Impact."

Writing & Acting Coaching

Carol combines energy work, hypnosis and practical coaching to help you move beyond Playing Small to Full Expression of your creative self.

If you are working on a book, or need help embodying your full potential on stage or in film, contact Carol for a Free Consultation to see how working with her can help you bust through your blocks.

Carol also does writing coaching, editing and ghost writing.