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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller 

I provide support to the creative adventurer; writers who need accountability and support; the wounded creative heart that needs healing before you can boldly step forward. I am a writer, editor and writing coach. I am a healing guide who draws from many traditions as a shamanic practitioner, energy worker and ceremony leader to help you connect with your ability to heal your heart, body and soul. I say healing guide because I am a bit uncomfortable calling myself a healer as the energy that heals is the loving force that flows through a session and invites that energy that is already within you to activate.  Working together we walk in both the practical and spiritual aspects of creating and healing. How can I help you on your adventure?  

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Healing The Creative Heart

Have you ever suffered creative heartbreak?  Most of us have.  That sense of working hard on a project or life dream and having it not work out the way you envisioned. Or are you frustrated because it feels like something inside is keeping you from going for your dream full out?   I specialize in energy sessions for healing mind, body and spirit to reclaim your creative heart.   

Writing Coaching & Editing

My writing clients have nicknamed me "The Book Shaman" for being able to help them connect with their story and bring it into the world. Your book is a being separate from you that is asking you to help it take physical form.  Deciding to write your memoir, novel or passionate self-help book is an act of courage that often brings up all your shadow elements.  I have over 30 years of writing, editing and proofreading experience and bring my understanding of the ways our shadow wants to sabotage our creative efforts to help you craft your best work.    


Community Gatherings, House Clearings, Personalized Ceremonies to set intentions, mark personal occasions, business openings or events.


20 Questions to Reclaim Your Life! 

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So often we spend time managing the things we don't want to keep.   Take the whole concept of stress management.  Isn't that adding more to you "to do" list and yet never changing your relationship to the things that cause you the most discomfort?   We women are often great at managing our lives but not so great at choosing to live the lives we want.   Stop managing what you don't want to keep.

Ask the right questions, shift your thinking and empower your life!



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