Lesson From a Word Game App

I have a Scrabble-like game app on my phone. I enjoy using it to pass time when I have to wait for appointments.  It reminds of playing Scrabble on Sunday nights with my mom, dad and sister.   Those Sunday evenings contributed to my love of words and probably to my becoming a writer. The app shares feedback after each word.  “Good job!” or “You scored 38 points but you could have scored 76 with THIS word”  I miss obvious words.  I wish I could say I was rushing, but I’m not. This is just a game but it did remind me that my brain is filtering all the time.   Just because something is obvious and right in front of us, doesn’t mean we are seeing it. This is why when solving the big life issues, sometimes the best request is: Help me see this differently.  What am I missing […]