Heart with light

This morning in my meditation journaling this  flew onto the page.   A reminder that we do have a choice on what we feed and cultivate.  I haven’t been sharing my “From Scared to Sacred” Messages but this reminder felt like it needed to me shared.  I call it Cultivate Powerful Love.

Cultivate Powerful Love


In times of fear, powerful love is needed

In times of feeling powerless, powerful faith and connection must be tended.

Draw light from the sun, the moon and the stars.

Ask that your light is made strong.

Send roots down to Mother Earth.

Ask her to ground you and make you steady in uncertain times.

Connect with the Divine, The Source, however you experience That Highest Power.

Ask for Love to Grow Strong.

Send Love to someone who is sick.

Send Love to those who are helping the sick.

Send Love to the fear of getting sick

Send Love to the feeling of scarcity and that makes us forget we are a community.

We are stronger acting together rather than each person for themselves.

Send Bold Love when you see hate.

A Love that like a Mother says “No, we will not have this fear, this hate in our home.”

You may experience fear but do not forget You are Love.

Compassion and understanding.  Fear cannot grow in soil tended with love.

Your challenge is to rise above the fear.

Will you cultivate a powerful sacred love?

We can cultivate love in prayer, in kindness, in turning off the television and reaching out to someone who may be alone,  by being compassionate for those in fear.   We do have the ability to choose. We need Love to lead.

Even though I felt I was doing well in not getting caught up in hysteria, I am making a commitment to up my Love and be kind but firm with my fears and compassionate with the fears of others.

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