Woman in turquoise dress dancing in front of heart paiting

I danced with love, and it whispered to me,  “Love isn’t an outcome it is a process.”

I danced with love. It said I will both hurt you and make you strong.  Love doesn’t make everything okay, but I will give you the courage to keep trying.  Give you the wisdom to know when you tried hard enough.  It is okay to need a timeout but not okay to check out completely.

I danced with love, and it said sometimes hiding gives your heart time to recover.  Other times it is just a cop out.

I danced with love, and she said, “Will you please look at the ways cut yourself with your words and expectations over and over again?”

I danced with love and she said, “perfection isn’t required, compassion is.”

I danced with love, and she took me to gentleness.  She walked me among the trees, showed me a sunset, a flower blooming, a baby giggling, a dog happy to see me.

Pause, reframe, rephrase, train yourself to see love working around you and in you. Fill from the inside and recognize love reflected back at you from the universe.

I danced with love, and she said, “cry deeply, laugh loudly, be angry at injustice, and always come back to me.”

Poem and Painting Copyright 2021 Carol Woodliff
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