Healing Hearts: An Invitation from the kitten, David

Meet David.   He is a rescue kitten being  fostered by my friend BJ.   David has a hole in his heart that cannot be operated on and that is resulting in pulmonary hypertension.  He has a team of vets working to control this hypertension with drugs.  After a time in the hospital over Christmas he is back with his foster mom. Full disclosure I am highly allergic to cats and can only last in most cat households for a few hours before  I’m making myself scarce. I’ve actually ended up with hives from spending too much time in a kitty household without antihistamines.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them from afar.   And this little guy has already taught me something special. When I tap into his energy, it seems like his mission here no matter how long his time is here on earth is to teach us all about […]