Fly line art

Shaman, Fly and Spider—Navigating Connection with All Living Things

The other night, I was in bed reading and a large fly repeatedly flew into my bedside lamp.  I tried to be Zen and concentrate on my book but it felt like the fly had a kamikaze death wish as it kept hurling itself into the metal shade of the lamp. I had a few options, I could turn off the light and try to go to sleep and hope it would take off for another room,  I could try to kill it, or I could try to catch it and release it outside. As I was reviewing my options, the fly climbed deep into the small cone shaped lampshade.   I made my decision: “Catch.”  I took a tissue and covered the end of the lampshade so there was no way out. The buzzing got more frantic, “I know it is hot in there,” I said as I envisioned trapping […]