I was honored to be one of 18 wisdom keepers sharing a tool to help us navigate the Solstice and the time we are living. This annual solstice online event was created and hosted by Renee Baribeau, Author of Winds of Spirit.  It is always such an honor to join Renee for conversation.

Three Simple Questions

This year, I chose these three questions that can be used in journaling, meditation or ceremony to call your energy back into present time and realize what power you have to shift.

  1. Where do I feel or notice this energy?
  2. What is the story that goes with it?
  3. Where can I shift?

That’s it? Those are the questions? 

Yep.  I  find that the most basic questions yield the most powerful results.  I truly believe in the KISS principle (Keep it simple sweetheart).  You see what I did there?  No calling people stupid in my blog!

These questions are actually the cornerstone of my healing practice with clients.

They are the essence of taking back our power no matter what we are experiencing.  Something happens and we experience in our bodies or emotions.  We then compare it to other similar experiences and almost immediately have created a story about what that energy means.  Our power is in asking what needs to happen now or where can I shift?  Because as much as we may not like the way Person X talked to us, we need to decide what is necessary for us to do.  Do I tell Person X to take a hike?  Do I realize that Person X is under pressure due to a family situation and prayer for him or her?   The “where do I shift?” is powerful.  It reminds us that we always have a choice.

Renee and I have a great conversation about using these questions and I led the group through a visualization using the questions and the Violet flame.  Check it out on You Tube.

Youtube Screenshoot of Carol Woodliff

I welcome your Comments.

Please share what you experienced as you used the tool here or on YouTube.  And if you like the video share it or this post with your friends.

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