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As we begin the new year, I am challenging myself with two questions designed to remind me to focus on adding love to 2019. After all love is that special sauce, the secret ingredient that makes everything better.  It certainly feels like we all could use some more of it.

1.     How can I demonstrate LOVE to myself?

You may say things to yourself that you never would say to other people.  Or you put other people’s needs first and your heart is crying out for some care and concern for you.  Maybe you fell off the healthy eating wagon and you want to get back on without beating yourself up.  Or perhaps you always go for the attainable rather than your big dreams.   What would your loving self say or do for you?

Last year I started a practice of saying the Ho’oponopono prayer as a mantra for a few minutes when I was meditating.   I put my hands over my heart as I said those four phrases and would stop after each statement and notice what I felt and what came up.  What a sweet loving difference this added to my practice.

I Love you

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

In From Scared to Sacred I wrote that I was often going to the well of love with a thimble rather than realizing that the source of love is endless and that I needed to fill myself up to be able to be fully present with others.   Challenge yourself to give love to yourself so you can give love from a deep reserve rather than depleting yourself by giving what you haven’t been nurturing.

2. What are easy ways I can add love in the world for others?

We all sometimes think that our loving gestures have to be huge but often it is the small things that make someone’s day.  I read a great article today about Jen Kramer, who spent 2018 writing a post a day that was a love note to someone around her.    “Gratitude is about lifting other people,” Kramer said, “and I’m a better person when I’m lifting other people.”  It is an inspiring sweet story that can be found here in the Chicago Tribune.  This article made me realize that being loving comes by truly seeing the humanity of others around us.  It made me want to be the person that sees others and adds love for them in the world.

 Come up with your love list of simple ways to help others feel the love.   Is it letting someone who is trying to merge on the freeway in ahead of you?   Is it going into a busy store and promising to smile and perhaps chat with someone waiting in line?  Is it holding open a door?  Is it writing a thank you note?  Pick one thing that feels easy and yet makes you want to smile when you think about it and do that with Love.

What do you think?  Are you in? Will you commit to adding love to 2019?   What great ways can you come up with to add love?

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