Woman in turquoise dress dancing in front of heart paiting

I danced with love (poem and painting by Carol Woodliff)

I danced with love, and it whispered to me,  “Love isn’t an outcome it is a process.” I danced with love. It said I will both hurt you and make you strong.  Love doesn’t make everything okay, but I will give you the courage to keep trying.  Give you the wisdom to know when you tried hard enough.  It is okay to need a timeout but not okay to check out completely. I danced with love, and it said sometimes hiding gives your heart time to recover.  Other times it is just a cop out. I danced with love, and she said, “Will you please look at the ways cut yourself with your words and expectations over and over again?” I danced with love and she said, “perfection isn’t required, compassion is.” I danced with love, and she took me to gentleness.  She walked me among the trees, showed me […]

Enchantment text on red background with hearts


The lights shadows on my wall when I wake from a nap are like twelve chakra circles with a huge orb of light at the top.   There one moment and then gone as though a guide or angel just wanted me to know they were present. On my walk, a hummingbird hovers in my face reminding me to watch the stories I tell.  Source from sweetness she insists. Sitting outside meditating, I call upon my ancestors.  The mourning doves call in response saying hello from my dad and grandfather. A dragon fly circles me three times as though to say “we are here.” Hosting a fire ceremony in my backyard, stepping outside of time and then noticing the spiders dropping from trees and utility lines to surround us in our sacred circle. All just hanging with us and then pulling their web lines back in when we are done. A guest […]

white roses

A blessing from my mother (White to Red)

When my mom passed away in 2010, a friend gave me a white rose bush to plant in my mom Lucille’s honor. A couple times a year, Lucille’s roses bloom in huge beautiful full white flowers, their fragrance subtle and sweet. The other day I was watering Lucille’s roses and noticed tiny buds. TINY RED Buds. “Wait…Lucille’s roses are white roses….Where did the red roses come from?” An internet search yielded a practical answer. My white roses were most likely grafted onto the roots of a red rose bush. New shoots are probably coming from the root ball. But when I saw those red buds…I knew…I knew it was deeper more meaningful than coincidence. I can simply believe the roots just gave me red roses or I can believe that my ancestors and spirit guides are supporting all the work I’ve done over the last 11 years. My mom died […]

Pachamama Mother Earth by Carol Woodliff

Communing with Pachamama (Mother Earth) A Prayer

Sometimes in life we have to go to the Divine Mother.   Connecting to Pachamama (Mother Earth), the divine nurturing feminine always grounds me and helps me.   Sharing a prayer or incantation I wrote the other day after one of my grounding to her meditations. A Prayer to Pachamama I sit cross legged on the grass, feeling the sun on my face.  Closing my eyes.   Breathing deeply.   In my suburban backyard on a freshly mowed lawn, I extend a root from my vagina connecting to Pachamama,  the Earth Mother.  An energetic umbilical cord.  Anchor me, nourish me, ground me, feed the soul of me that needs to know that in my human form I am loved, I am her perfect child.  That I belong like the trees and the flowers.  That there is a home for me. It is a longing for connection that drives me outside to be…to slow down.  […]

Honor your Knowing. If it doesn't sit right with your gut, it is not right for you.

Honor Your Knowing

Twice this week, I was contacted by friends who have received wonky intuitive readings. The information that they received was more like a curse than helpful guidance.  An intuitive should not be telling you are surrounded by dark energy and give you nothing to do to mitigate that, should not predict your death, etc.   Both friends were savvy enough to know that what they got from a psychic didn’t sit right with them.  I am glad I was available when they needed to talk it out to release the feelings that got stirred up from the reading. This is my public service announcement: There are great intuitives who truly help people but if you run into someone like this please stop and reject it immediately and cleanse your energy field.  If you can’t shake it off, please reach out to someone for help. Your gut is linked to your animal […]

photo of Carol from opening slide of video

Shamanic Journey: The Power of Story

I was honored to share a half hour presentation on Renee Baribeau’s IAM Winter Solstice Symposium on The Power of Story.   It was done via Facebook Live but I’m glad Renee also uploaded to YouTube so I can share with you here.     Join me for a discussion and journey about the power of shifting your story. Honoring the light and dark of our stories, releasing old stories that don’t serve and writing a new story for self and the greater collective.

Meditator breathing

Meditation on Breathing

I was awake at 4:30am this morning.  Wide awake.   Those who know my night owl tendencies,  know how odd that is.  Only 4.5 hours sleep and I was ready for the day.   I decided to get up meditate and write.   As I was noticing my breathing,  I heard these instructions. “Breathe in notice how supported you are, Breathe out give thanks.”   Right now, when so many are struggling to breathe–whether from COVID or lung issues or anxiety.   It was powerful to connect and give thanks for my breath.   When I went to the page to write about that experience this is want came out. Breathe in Notice this Breath Is it shallow? Are you rationing life? Are you limiting your support? Breathe in and allow yourself to receive the fullness Pause. Are holding on to what is done? Are you living in fear of where your “next” comes from? Your […]

Rainbow and quote

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on in the world.   I know I do.   I was journaling today and this is what I wrote. Be the Bridge between Heaven and Earth.  Have compassion for your fears and the courage to rise above them. Plant the seeds of kindness, love, and miracles that this weary world is craving. We often forget that we are the ones responsible for creating heaven on earth.  We can create heaven or hell in our thinking and our actions.  We choose to make our world a little better by being here and being that bridge.  What seeds of heaven do you want to plant today?

Mountain Image with What if I Fully Embraced my Soul?

What if I fully embodied my soul?

If I fully embodied my soul, I would listen to the whispers and move toward my fears as mighty as a dragon slayer priestess. I might find the dragon, not a foe but a companion to help me embrace my sacred heart, my earthly sensuality. My bold unique beautiful expression.  My own fire breathed into the world. I might find a bear with a thorn in its paw.   Singing softly to the hurting beast, I would remove the thorn and the bear would walk with me certain that I would be tender with his wounds. I might find a whimpering child who needed to be rocked and have her back rubbed while she told me how lost and small, she felt.  It’s okay love, we all feel lost and small at times. I might sit under a tree and listen to its wisdom or walk a mountain pass and feel […]