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August Musings Navigating Change

Month 5 for me of working from home and only heading out when required. This post contains some practices/mindsets that have helped me navigate and which may spark some ideas for you. Plus I’m excited to announce two classes available in September. Who would have thought a year ago this is where we would be? I know I didn’t. But it has encouraged me to go deeper with my spiritual practices and asked me to step up in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. I’ve been honored to hold ceremony for families who have sick loved ones and for those who lost loved ones during this pandemic. There is something profound about doing death rites and helping souls cross over. It is sad certainly but also a privilege. I’m also doing lots of ceremonies of visioning the highest for this time. In each ceremony I do, I add prayers for my […]

We can do better

We Can Do Better

This post grew out of a post in my journal.  It is an opinion and a call for us to know that we can do better.  That we have to use our spiritual connections, our creative imaginations, our compassion and courage to visualize and take action to create better.  The very recent past “My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Please, please. I can’t breathe,” George Floyd begs.  Pinned by a police officer who sees him as less than human–deserving of death for the color of his skin or the accusation of passing a bad bill. How can anyone viewing that make excuses or think it is anything less than murder? Ahmaud Arbery jogging.  Murdered because a man of color running in their neighborhood must be up to no good. An entitled woman—who think the leash laws don’t apply to her calling the cops on a black man who simply asks […]

Beginning again

My former website site crashed and after spending two days trying to recover it, I realized that I wasn’t that attached to what was there.  Perhaps this was a message that it was time to  build a new site.   While at first the idea was overwhelming, later it felt like I was getting a blank canvas and a new set of paints.   The possibilities are only limited by the amount of time I want to put in and my creative imagination.  Ready to begin again.