Life shouldn’t be all serious!

Storyteller/Author.  I am the author of two books From Scared to Sacred Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life,  and Stop Managing Stress!  From Scared to Sacred was named a finalist in the 2015 Independent Spiritual Book Awards in the memoir category.  I have been a storyteller and writer since I was a small child.   My goal is to tell stories that entertain, teach, inspire and heal.  I am an actor, playwright and speaker.  I’m working on a one woman show and a couple of book projects.  Stay tuned.

Shaman.   I use the term shaman because in western culture we are starved for words that describe a spirituality that includes a connection to the divine spirit of heaven and the earth. I haven’t found a better word that describes my beliefs and experiences.  I hope one day we have words to describe the beauty of the path.

I believe God is omnipresent like I was taught in Catholic school and that presence is in the earth, her inhabitants as well as a force that guides the universe.  I believe in connecting heaven and earth in our lives each day.  I’m not perfect at it.  I’m human.  But my goal each day is to be lovingly present with the spirit of the heavens, the essence of nature and this beautiful planet we live on and the connection of all living beings.  My Shaman on the Walk photo meditations on the spirit of trees, flowers, animals and insects I encounter  on my daily walks in my neighborhood, help me ground and connect me each day to what works in this world.

I have studied South American traditions of the Q’ero as well as other indigenous wisdom keepers since 2010.  The Q’ero  have lovingly shared their wisdom and rites with me and so many others.  I feel blessed to call them brothers and sisters on this path.  I have sat in Ceremony and received rites from Paqos (shamans) in Peru and visiting the United States.  I have studied with Jose Luis Herrera, The Four Winds Society, Alberto Villodo, Linda Fitch, Wake and Kinlen Wheeler,  and Don Mariano Quispe Flores.

This path is a path of direct experience that I hold sacred. It is a practice and commitment to a way of life.  It is ever unfolding and I am often amused at where my journey takes me.  I love creating ceremonies that bring communities together and mentoring others in walking this path.

Healing Guide and Coach. For over 15 years,  I have assisted authors, artists, and entrepreneurs to pursue their passions with authenticity and loving presence by helping them release trauma and blocks, which keep them from shining their true light in the world.

I live in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles with my dog, Luna.

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