Healing Guide for People on a Spirit and Creative Path

Have you ever thought, “I am here to do something big”?  Most of my clients have. I work with people  who have missions to serve the planet through their healing gifts and creativity.  I believe you have chosen to be here at this particular time because the world needs what you have to offer.  The very wounds and challenges that might make you doubt yourself are what make you perfect for your mission, if you do your work.

I specifically use the term healing guide because the energy that flows in a session is from source, not me personally; and it is your work to do.  This is not a passive process. We work together in a ceremonial way for your highest good.   Each session is different and may involve:  Energy balancing, energy extraction, soul retrieval, karmic or ancestral healing work.  We work with your energy and your mythic stories.

Do you find yourself saying things like….”But wait, what did I sign up for?  What is big?  I’m not ready! or I am not enough!”?  We don’t want to get tied up in Western thinking of what big is.  Big could be being the most loving person in your community and influencing many by your kindness.   The big path is created step by step.   You don’t do it all in one day.  There has to be a commitment to continue your journey to live up to that big assignment you chose.

Session Fees:

  • 1 hour:  $150
  • 1.5 hours $200
  • 2.0 hours $250
  • Spend a day or weekend in personalized retreat.  Fee based on many factors types of services we decide on,  if I am traveling to you, setting up a getaway etc.   Contact me for details.

I may supplement your session with coaching or recorded visualizations at additional fees if you desire.

I also do blessings, ceremonies and community healing which allow people to participate who cannot afford personalized hourly work or who aren’t ready to step into their BIG yet.

I’m happy to offer a short phone consultation to see if it is a fit for us to work together.




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