Healing Sessions for the Creative Heart & Spirit


Healing the Creative Heart

Transformational Sessions

for the Mind, Body and Spirit

with Carol Woodliff

Heart with Wings

Has your creative heart experienced trauma, judgment or neglect?

  • Have you thrown yourself into a project and then judged it as “not good enough”?
  • Or perhaps you took a “beating” by a harsh critic (Parent, Teacher, Boss, or Reviewer)
  • Did someone tell you to be practical and stop chasing your dream?
  • Did you love full out and find yourself saying–that wasn’t my “happily ever after”?
  • Have you felt you were called to do something big and you haven’t been able to determine what that BIG thing is?
  • Are you stuck repeating the same patterns over and over?
  • Are emotionally sick that you haven’t lived in full expression of the YOU you came here to be?
  • Do have physical ailments that are calling you to get creative with your life and dive deep into your soul?

If you answered yes, to any of those questions, you might say that your Creative Heart needs some time and attention. In a Healing the Creative Heart Energy and Coaching Session, I help you to open the channels to the powers of creativity that are already within you.

Express YOURSELF Joyfully and Fully!

Woman opening shirt like a superhero to expose fire in heart

Healing Sessions are intuitively designed for you using one or more of the following techniques:

  • Hands on or Distance Energy work
  • Shadow and subconscious work
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Past Life Regression
  • Archetype and personal journeys, and creating new mythic stories
  • Practical coaching that encourages you to GET REAL and take steps in the world.*

It takes takes courage to be uniquely you. I’m here to support you in finding your connection to the heart that has wings! All work can be done in person or over the phone or via SKYPE.

The World Needs People Brave Enough to:

  • Create Art that Touches the Soul.
  • Invent Solutions to the Challenges We Face
  • LOVE bigger than we ever have before!

Call or email me to schedule a free consultation phone call.


From Carol’s Clients

“[Working] with Carol helped me get unstuck in an area in my life where I knew the answers for myself in my head, but I had a lot of fear and anxiety that was slowing me down and tripping me up. It was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had — similar to getting a massage or spending time at a spa. A few times in my life, I’ve had really deep, vivid dreams where all my worries were left behind, far away, and I had wonderful adventures that I remembered clearly when I woke up and that helped me understand my life and the direction I needed to go in next more clearly. Hypnotherapy was a lot like that. I was like voluntarily going into one of those rare, memorable dreams with someone safe who would help me look around inside of it and explore it and then talk about it and help me think through it afterward. For me, it was like getting my anxiety massaged away so that I could see the situations around me more clearly and approach my life in ways that worked better for me.” Jill Doughtie, Pasadena, CA.

I was diagnosed with “trigger fingers” in my right hand; the doctor gave me a shot and said if it didn’t get better, he would have to do surgery. It got a little better, but the pain continued so I went to see Carol and she applied shamanic energy to my hand. Ever since she treated me my pain is very minimal (just after one session). Not only did Carol help me with my hand, but I also felt the energy all over my body. I remember that at the end of the session I felt my chakras vibrating with an incredible energy.  I can’t wait until I go back for more treatment!  Amy V.  Altadena, CA

“When it came time for me to physically come off of my major pain medications, ex. morphine patches, oxy’s, etc……It was near to impossible, unless you get on more drugs to compensate those drug side affects, on and on. I was having a hard time “dealing” with coming off everything, and wanting to take back some control in my own health, and recovery! Carol, literally saved me months and months of agony in pain, withdrawal symptoms. By simply working with me for a very short period of time, she made me these CD’s. They WORKED. I had NO withdrawals symptoms, I felt better than I had in a long time, she is still working with me at times on other aspects of my continual recovery of fighting and winning this battle! One day I was a miserable wreck, pain all the time, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t find anything to solve the agony, the next day, I found Carol, and she literally put an end to all that pain. ” N. Davis, Illinois

“For those of you who are looking for a truly remarkable experience with energy healing, Carol is your go-to person… after more than a month I’m still thinking of my amazing experience with her… I believe, deep in my heart, that her session with me is one of the reasons I’m healing [after surgery] at such a remarkable rate… thank you again Carol for your love and compassion at a time when I really needed unconditional support…” C.E. Los Angeles, CA

Art credits: © Volina | Dreamstime.comHeart With Wings Photo
Women with powerful heart energy:  © Sergey Nivens 123rf.com

*Check out my “about me” page for a bio of my training and experience. I am not a licensed psychologist or medical doctor. I work in the spiritual and energetic realm as an urban shaman and spiritual teacher. I fold into my practice teachings of some our great Western thought leaders in the area of shadow & archetypes. Our work is a great companion for Allopathic or Western medicine and traditional psychology.

Clients who want to leave testimonials can do so in Comments below. All comments are moderated and spam will be deleted.

One thought on “Healing Sessions for the Creative Heart & Spirit

  1. I’m from South Africa and spent two years in LA studying at film school, during what felt like one of the hardest times of my life, and there have been some rather intense times. Despite being in such a huge concrete jungle, the immensity of aloneness and deep old trauma pain surfaced leaving me unable to cope. Im not one to resort to anti-depressants and it was by luck that I was referred to Carol. From the start there was never a time constraint and she opened her heart and world to me as if I was family. The shamanic energetic work we did together literally pulled out illusion, pain, trauma, negative beliefs and patterns and the fears that kept me from moving forward. I say together because my body responded so well to Carol. It knew that she was there to heal and what came up for me to share with her to remove was always so very clear, leaving me afterwards renewed with energy and clarity after the completion of the deep states we both went in too. It was a privilege to have access to Carol when stuff surfaced. Ive traveled the world far and wide and because of my traumatised past ive been on a deep journey of healing much of my life.. I deeply vouch for Carol- She is a powerful shamanic earth healer with a heart so huge, you know you have arrived home.. Thank you Carol– I miss you:)

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