Shaman Energy Work/Healing Guide  

Are you a creative or entrepreneur who wants to serve the planet through your artistry, love and personal genius?   Are you someone who has a BIG vision?  Do you sometimes feel like you had a road map before you were born and then lost it?

Do you feel blocked by old patterns or trauma?  Do you feel like you keep circling the same patterns and never have the energy to life up beyond them?   Do you feel like you are stuck acting out of fears that in your head you know aren’t real?

Are you facing a health challenge?  Are you looking to listen to the spiritual and energetic messages the illness has for you?  Are you ready to let go of old patterns that are asking to change?  Do you want to supplement medical treatments and work with your heart, spirit and soul? *

As Your Healing Guide,  I help you access your own healing powers.  I create a sacred space where your guides and highest self meet you in the work.   This is not a passive process. You will be working with me in a ceremonial way for your highest good.   Each session is guided by what is ready to be released and how we can most effectively move you to a connection with your deepest truths.  We work to align your energy and mythic stories with your calling.   Sessions can include: energy balancing, energy extraction, soul retrieval, karmic or ancestral healing work.    This is powerful work to help you dive deep and bring forth your most authentic self. 

*I do not promise a cure for specific illnesses.  Each person has a soul contract and path that may or may not be about cure.   However healing is always possible and letting go of old patterns that stalk you brings freedom to live your best life right now.

If you want to learn more, I offer 20 minute phone consultations to see if working together is a fit.   If you want to schedule a consult.  Email me at

In person sessions are in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles, via Phone/Internet or in your home (travels costs and additional fees apply).


From Clients

My work with Carol was profound and sacred. Undaunted by the darkness I was immeshed in she very meticulously cared for the psychic space during our work together. Layer by layer the truths I was asking for were revealed and the healing I so desperately needed was delivered. In shamanic work clean intentions are so important and Carol works at the highest level. She is a beautiful spirit with a powerful connection to facilitate great healing. If you get the chance to explore the work with her, you will not be sorry you did!  A.F Entrepreneur and Artist Santa Monica, CA
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