Carol Woodliff Making a Despacho
Carol leading a Despacho Ceremony

Carol offers ceremonies publicly and is available to create a ceremony for your private group. One of her favorite ceremonies to lead is a Despacho Ceremony.

What is a Despacho?

A Despacho is a prayer or intention ceremony based on the traditions of the Q’ero tribe of South America, whose lineage includes the Inca.  (“Despacho” rhymes with Gazpacho, the cold soup.) In community, we create a three dimensional mandala or mosaic of intentions using symbolic elements such as leaves, flowers, seeds, herbs and candies.  There are hundreds of different types of these ceremonies performed in the Andes.

One of the primary ceremonies is called an Ayni Despacho.  Ayni (pronounced eye-knee) means right relationship, alignment, balance and reciprocity.  In this ceremony we seek to become one with the organizing principles of the Universe where creation and flow are a natural state.

In these challenging times, we have the power to shift our own and the energy of the world by cleansing our energetic fields and holding clear visions aligned with love.  It is a beautiful way to create a container for our intentions and release them to the Universe.  It is not religious in nature but an experience of the spiritual nature of the Universe and that nature within each one of us.  All who come with open hearts are welcome.  Carol guides participants through the whole process.

After the Despacho is created, the intentions are released to the Universe for the highest good of all by burning, burying or releasing into a large body of water.  Depending on where a despacho event is held, this might happen immediately after the ceremony or the package may hold the packet for later release.

I’ve included a video that describes a traditional Q’ero ceremony below.  We make some modifications based on our intentions and what is available to us as far as flowers, leaves, etc.


Private Ceremonies:   Contact me to talk about how I can work with you to create the perfect ceremony for you.   I have created ceremonies to honor deceased family members, to wish married couples well, to cut ties to old patterns and many more.   Ceremony can be done one on one or with a group.   Fees vary depending on the ceremony, size of group and travel distance.

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