Ceremonies by Carol Woodliff

Ceremony allows us to speak to the heart, the soul, and the spirit.

When someone says ceremony, do you think of a wedding, christening or funerals? Or maybe a graduation? I love those events but my passion is creating personalized ceremonies.   Recently I have led gatherings to:

  • celebrate a business opening,
  • surround someone who was ill with loving healing wishes
  • mark new and full moons.
  • pray for peace
  • attract prosperity
  • let go of the bitter emotions following a divorce.

Each ceremony is created in consultation with the host and through intuitive connection to the needs of the individual or group. The results are both scared and magical.

despacho created in ceremony with yellow rosesDespachos. A Despacho is a prayer bundle that is created in community based on a tradition from Peru. It is one of my favorite ceremonies to lead and create. (Click on Despacho Ceremonies to learn more about them.)

House Blessings & Clearings. Sometimes we want to rid a property of old energy including spirits who need help passing on. Please contact me to discuss your particular situation.

Fire Ceremonies.  Carol Woodliff at fireWhen we gather around a fire to sing, chant, rattle or quietly reflect we are connected to the humans have created ceremony around fire throughout time.  Each Fire Ceremony has a character of its own and messages to share with us.

Ask me how we can create a personalized ceremony to your home or group.  A

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