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Carol Woodliff is the author of From Scared to Sacred: Lessons In Learning to Dance with Life and Stop Managing Stress! 20 Questions to Reclaim your Life.    These books are available on Amazon and other fine online retailers.   Learn More about each book below.

From Scared to Sacred

From Scared to Sacred cover

FINALIST 2015 Indie Spiritual Book Awards (TISBA)

What would you do if a spirit voice asked you to sit for an hour a day and take down its messages? Would you question your sanity? Would you write?  Author Carol Woodliff shares beautiful poetic lessons from that spirit voice and honest personal essays reflecting on living that wisdom.

It is a journey that is authentic, raw, funny, touching, mystical and grounded in the question, “How do we live those spirit teachings and be compassionate with our human self at the same time?”

These stories are for everyone who grapples with the challenges of being human while connecting with and learning from the whispers of spirit or the higher self. Carol invites you to join her in this exploration and listen to the whispers within your own heart.

“Life isn’t a test. It is an opportunity for our spirits to experience our humanness in this wonderful dance we call life!”

Stop Managing Stress!

What if the way we think and talk about stress was actually creating more stress and less joy? 

Stress management techniques may help ease the pressure of your hectic life, but they often do not go far enough. When you focus on managing stress, you are focusing on the very thing you want less of: STRESS! Authors Carol Woodliff and Karen Maleck-Whiteley invite women to Stop Managing Stress! and ask questions that can help you reclaim your life.

The 20 Questions in this book focus on where you can be powerful right now. When you ask the right questions at the right time, you move beyond coping with what you don’t want, to creating what you do.

This book is written in a grounded and humorous style with stories from the authors’ lives. Karen and Carol create an easy read that allows you to know you are not alone or crazy. Shifting your focus with one question can change everything!

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