New day

Soul Whispers Rather Than Resolutions

No Resolutions This year there will be no long list of resolutions which imply that I am somehow “not there” yet, that I will probably forget by February. I let go of the demands of my taskmaster who pushes and worries about what is next and I soften into those softer heart and soul whispers.  I remember those.  The things  that I am most proud of including my move to Los Angeles to pursue acting, writing From Scared to Sacred, studying the Andean healing and shamanic traditions were urgings from that voice that were so strong that I said “Yes” and followed through.  My brain thought they were rather crazy, but I overrode that logical brain and did them anyway and I’m so grateful I did. The logical brain isn’t always my friend My mind thinks it can figure out how to do this thing called life as though life […]

family photographs on Ancestral altar with candle

Day of the Dead Reflections

I was thinking of how often as a young girl I was told to be “nice,”  and I started to write about the messages I wish I had received instead of “nice.” This took me on a journey of ancestral awareness and healing, perfect on “All Souls Day” or “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). What I Wish Instead of “be nice,” I wish they had coached me in how to speak the hard truth with compassion. Instead of “Don’t be so dramatic,” I wish they had said, “You feel deeply, let me help you channel those feelings, learn from them, and express them productively with others and in art.” Instead of “Don’t think being smart makes you better than anyone else.”  I wish I had been told to celebrate my gifts and find the gifts in others to celebrate. Instead of saying “We are not athletic people” […]

back view of woman in the woods wearing witch costume

Reflections on the Witch

I’m starting to see witch decorations all over my neighborhood.  Most are funny and non-threatening, but they got me thinking about the Witch archetype. The Witch, the wise old woman of the woods, the hag invited me to dance with her and write about her.  This is the dance we did on the page.   For centuries now, the old feminine soul, the wise woman has been suppressed.  She has been relegated to dried up, asexual and useless.  She has been made a caricature, ugly with a wart on her nose. The older wise woman, often called the witch or hag, was about community and service about birthing and dying and everything in between. She was connected to nature and mysticism.  The wise eccentric lady that you went to for answers, whose witches’ brew was often a cup of tea and some herbs for what ailed you. Somewhere along our development man […]

Green snake in tree

Channeling Snake

I am channeling snake. I have been given this serpent archetype in rites and initiations with my Peruvian mentors. I spent time cultivating a relationship with snake in my early shamanic training, but a writing prompt made me realize it had been a long time since I spent time with serpent’s wisdom so I come to page to see what serpent has to share. I long to find that reconnection to the body that moves in conjunction with the pulse of life.  Fluid, sensuous. Shedding the past. I want to shed my old patterns like the snake. Wish it were as easy as it appears to the snake. If I could simply find a branch or a rock and rub my head against it and then just slip out of the thoughts and beliefs that hold me back. Scientists say snakes get this layer of lubrication between the old skin […]

Women's Hands over heart

Join me in Supporting Flesh and Soul, a Multimedia Show by Cheryl Girard

When your friends step out bold, you cheer them on and support them, at least I do.  Let me tell you about my friend Cheryl Girard.  I met her 4 years ago at a women’s writing workshop.  I’ve watched her dig deeply creating beautiful art out of her personal vulnerability and pain.  In 2019, we shared the stage at our showcase of short one woman show pieces called She Takes the Stage.  We helped each other  memorize our pieces and bonded as we stepped forward to tell our personal stories.  She has a huge heart that just radiates love.  If you are lucky enough to know her, you are truly blessed, Now she is stepping out even bigger.  She has developed an amazing multimedia show about overcoming shame and loving herself and her body called Flesh and Soul   And she has a beautiful video about the journey on her Kickstarter page.  […]

Carol tending fire at Palm Springs retreat

Tending Fires

Humans have been tending fires for thousands of years as a form of survival. The fire kept us warm, kept predators at bay, gave us  ability to cook. Today most of us are not concerned with keeping fire in the hearth to keep the house warm, we rely on invisible energy sources like electricity and natural gas to keep our homes warm and to cook. But we still like a fireplace or sitting around a campfire.  It is like it hardwired into our DNA to make us feel connected, a place to gather and tell stories. I love to hold fire ceremonies. Tending fire connects me to mysticism and ancestors of the land. I love to watch how each fire accepts the offerings and alchemizes them. Some are consumed immediately some take a while to burn. A couple of weeks ago at our first Live Your Opulence Retreat, we had […]

Painiting of an eye/face with hearts

To my cornea donor

To my Cornea donor, Dear Beautiful Soul. I know nothing about you. Whether you are man or woman, old or young. But this I know, the gift you left behind has changed me. Where I might have gone blind from the genetic disease I was diagnosed with; now, I have the gift of sight and opportunity and I intend to use that gift wisely. I promise to see the beauty in the world using the cells you donated. Together we will write and make art. I will not take your gift for granted. I will fully use it in my photography, art, writing, in appreciation of life and service to our world. Every night I will say a prayer of gratitude when I can drive rather than being reliant on others to drive because my night vision was so distorted by light refractions, I didn’t dare drive. Your gift gave […]

Our retreat location

“Live Your Opulence” Weekend Retreat in Palm Springs

Our retreat location, a beautiful estate in Palm Springs. I’m excited to join with Dr. Kathleen Dixon for the “Live your Opulence” weekend retreat September 9-11, 2022.  Take this time out in a beautiful setting in in Palm Springs, California. What is living your opulence?  We all are rich deep souls.  We are beautiful.  We are powerful. When we are connected to our true essence, we shine brightly. The weekend of ceremony, restorative practices, and time away will help you connect to that deep opulence of your soul where peace and harmony abide. Space is limited to twelve participants. The investment is $1200 and includes: Rooms (private and shared) Meals prepared and catered by a Chef Gentle restorative Yoga offered by Joni Consroe Past life regression offered by Poppa Guru and Aralia Sound bath healing offered by Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon, Ph.D. Andean Despacho Ceremony to Awaken our Connection to […]

Bear eagle and jaguar wild animals

I have lost my wild

Was working with the idea of wildness and had the feeling that I was no longer connected to the wild, untamed part of myself. I wrote down “i have lost my wild.” and the rest spilled onto the page. I lost my wild My passion My spontaneity My certainty of what calls to the animal within. Trying to remember my dreams for my life, the world Have I forgotten or outgrown them? I am in between now Have no energy to go on a grand adventure No desire to work to figure it out. No inspiration to journey looking for answers. Have the daily demands of my domesticated life killed my untamed? I can sit with a tree and be content I don’t feel the need to hunt for more Am I a bear mamma hibernating? Or a jaguar taking a nap in a tree? Am I an eagle resting […]

African Mountain Tortoise. Slow and steady

Exercise at 60 Stepping off the Push Train

I am at the gym and for the first time in my life I am working out for me–not for how I look to the outside world, not to force my body into an unnaturally lower weight so I can compete in the acting world. I exercise to be a strong and healthy me.   I bemoan the fact that I stopped working out hard in my 40s.  If I had stayed with it, this wouldn’t be so challenging, would it?   At the time, I  was done acting and felt like I didn’t need to spend as many hours in the gym a week as I had been.  My commitment to working out dwindled.  I quit when I probably needed to be even more committed as menopause added pounds.  Now at 60, things that used to be simple are comically challenging–stand on one leg, wobble, wobble, wobble and catch myself before […]