Introduction to the Chumpi Mesa and Chumpi Stones


Five Saturdays morning beginning February 8, 2020, 9am-11am PT (California)

  • February 8
  • February 15
  • February 22
  • February 29
  • March 14  (we skip March 7)


From the comfort of your home meeting via the Zoom platform. (Easy software that works on PC, MAC,  Android and IOS–I suggest a download before the class date.)  Directions for using Zoom will be sent when you sign up.


Committing 5 weekends to a morning class can be a scheduling problem.  If you aren’t able to make a class, the classes will be recorded and you will be able to watch at your leisure.   Maybe Saturdays don’t work for you at all.  You can still join the class and watch all the replays and participate in our discussions in our Private Facebook Group.

About Chumpis

The word Chumpi means “belt” in Quechua.  When I was first introduced to Chumpi Stones during my time studying at the Four Winds.  I was told they could be used to convey the Belts/Bands of Power/Protection rite. I learned how to give those Bands of Power rites with the Chumpi stones.

However, it struck me as odd that these stones would exist and only be used for that one rite.   Over the years, I have researched,  studied and worked with the Chumpi Stones .   The Chumpis are actually a way for us to symbolize and embody the Andean cosmology.  This class will provide an introduction to working with the Chumpi Stones and developing a relationship to your Chumpi Mesa.

I am grateful to all my teachers who have shared their knowledge of these stones with me and offer this introduction course with full thanks for the wisdom they have shared.   In the 10 hour class we are only tapping in to the “tip of the iceberg”  so to speak.   I know that each village may have their own use for these stones.  I also know that many of the traditions have been lost.  I find the more I work with them, the more the chumpi stones reveal to me.  And it is my intention to create an environment where the stones reveal themselves to you.

In lecture and ceremony the course covers:

  • Understanding symbolism represented by the stones in Andean Cosmology.
  • Bands of Protection
  • Apu (Mountain) Connections
  • Chaska (Star) Connections.
  • Lineage and Ancestral Connections
  • Developing your Chumpi Mesa for personal work and in healing with others.

In person day

An additional day of in person work in South Pasadena will be offered after the online class ends for those that are interested in receiving rites transmissions to your stones and working together in deeper ceremony.  (Additional Course Fee, Date to be Determined.)


$179 for the 5 classes plus a Facebook group where you can ask questions in between classes.

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Need Chumpis?  

I have sold all the Chumpi sets I have and am working on getting more from Peru.   If you need chumpi stones, you can try a search on Etsy, Ebay or your favorite search engine. Chumpi Stones on multi colored pouch

Sample Chumpis available, color of pouch and stones may vary

What others who have taken the class say:

Rev Mj Ventura County, CA:

I highly recommend, Carol Woodliff both as a friend and a teacher. I call her practical Carol for her bedrock common sense and honesty. Her mastery of her tradition and the ease with which she lovingly presented the timeless information held within the Chumpi stones allow for numerous insights to unfold.

DF, Long Beach, CA:

If you are interested in learning about the chumpi stones this class is paced well with just enough information to not be overwhelming for the newbie. It also includes beautiful prayers.

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