Video 3 questions to shift your energy

I was honored to be one of 18 wisdom keepers sharing a tool to help us navigate the Solstice and the time we are living. This annual solstice online event was created and hosted by Renee Baribeau, Author of Winds of Spirit.  It is always such an honor to join Renee for conversation. Three Simple Questions This year, I chose these three questions that can be used in journaling, meditation or ceremony to call your energy back into present time and realize what power you have to shift. Where do I feel or notice this energy? What is the story that goes with it? Where can I shift? That’s it? Those are the questions?  Yep.  I  find that the most basic questions yield the most powerful results.  I truly believe in the KISS principle (Keep it simple sweetheart).  You see what I did there?  No calling people stupid in my blog! These […]