Meet David.   He is a rescue kitten being  fostered by my friend BJ.   David has a hole in his heart that cannot be operated on and that is resulting in pulmonary hypertension.  He has a team of vets working to control this hypertension with drugs.  After a time in the hospital over Christmas he is back with his foster mom.

Full disclosure I am highly allergic to cats and can only last in most cat households for a few hours before  I’m making myself scarce. I’ve actually ended up with hives from spending too much time in a kitty household without antihistamines.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them from afar.   And this little guy has already taught me something special.

When I tap into his energy, it seems like his mission here no matter how long his time is here on earth is to teach us all about love, being in the moment and doing what we can to heal hearts.   On good days, David is a normal kitten, exploring and being curious about his world.  His foster mom shares his antics on her Facebook page like the picture below where he is helping her with her latest book.   On the bad days, he struggles to breathe.   So many people have embraced this little guy and are rooting for him.

Cat peeking over computer
David checking in on BJ’s writing progress


I know that energetic miracles are possible.  So I’m asking my friends and followers to spend a few moments imagining the weaving together of the hole in David’s heart and asking for that miracle in whatever tradition of prayer or energetic healing you believe in.  If you aren’t religious or an energy healer, your good thoughts are welcome.

David is a strong spirit with lots of sparkle and his mission may be a message about “healing holes in the heart.”  It certainly feels like a time where the collective needs to mend.   While we are praying for a miracle for David, let’s take that weaving energy to any holes or tears in our own hearts, the hearts of those we know and the greater collective.

This little guy’s time here might be short.  We don’t know what the Divine Plan is.   However, spending time asking for healing for the tears and holes in the fabric of love will never be wasted.

Thank you for sending love to the little guy.

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