Green snake in tree

I am channeling snake.

I have been given this serpent archetype in rites and initiations with my Peruvian mentors. I spent time cultivating a relationship with snake in my early shamanic training, but a writing prompt made me realize it had been a long time since I spent time with serpent’s wisdom so I come to page to see what serpent has to share.

I long to find that reconnection to the body that moves in conjunction with the pulse of life.  Fluid, sensuous.

Shedding the past.

I want to shed my old patterns like the snake. Wish it were as easy as it appears to the snake. If I could simply find a branch or a rock and rub my head against it and then just slip out of the thoughts and beliefs that hold me back.

Scientists say snakes get this layer of lubrication between the old skin and the new skin that makes the skin easier to shed.  But who really knows what the snake feels when it is approaching time to shed that skin?  Do they feel uncomfortable, bloated and uncertain?   Do they feel vulnerable like their shiny new skin is just a little too tender?

Are we projecting ease where there is none?  Or am I just complicating it because for me the letting go…the shedding seems painful and sometimes impossible.

I am channeling serpent and remembering that endings are beginnings no matter whether chosen or unwanted, painful or with ease.

I am channeling snake as I reflect on the Story of Adam and Eve.   A story created by a man to make the snake and woman responsible while he sidesteps responsibility for his lack of self-control.  Can we throw out that bullshit and realize that we were never kicked out of the garden? It is here right now if we want to see it and tend it.  We can be one with nature and flourish or we can continue to think we are separate and suffer.

I am channeling serpent laying on the earth’s belly feeling the warmth of the sun.  Taking it all in.   Just chilling.  I am connected to Divine Mother.  I am easy, in flow but I also  have boundaries.  If you come too close, I will strike.  There is venom in me that I hold back but when that need rises, I can cut you down with the bite of my words.

I am channeling serpent and remembering she is healer.  She is mother.

I connect with the Peruvian lineage of the tradition I follow.

I call to her by her many names.

Amaru, the creative force of everything. water, wisdom, revolution and revolt.  Help me to claim my wisdom, know what I don’t know and let me boldly seek creativity and regeneration.

Yakumama, mother of the waters, Spirit of rivers teach me to be in flow.

Sachamama mother of the land and forests connect me deeply to mother earth and her plants and trees.

Wayramama, the serpent that moves causing a great wind in the air when she takes a bath there is thunder but no rain.  Help me to read the wind so that I have them gently at my back supporting the new ventures of life.

Reawaken the rites given to me. Share your wisdom and healing. Help me to let go, to rebirth and become the me that is emerging.


Green snake photo by Petr Ganaj via Pexel. Used with permission.
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