New day

No Resolutions

This year there will be no long list of resolutions which imply that I am somehow “not there” yet, that I will probably forget by February. I let go of the demands of my taskmaster who pushes and worries about what is next and I soften into those softer heart and soul whispers.  I remember those.  The things  that I am most proud of including my move to Los Angeles to pursue acting, writing From Scared to Sacred, studying the Andean healing and shamanic traditions were urgings from that voice that were so strong that I said “Yes” and followed through.  My brain thought they were rather crazy, but I overrode that logical brain and did them anyway and I’m so grateful I did.

The logical brain isn’t always my friend

My mind thinks it can figure out how to do this thing called life as though life were logical and linear rather than  expansive and mysterious.  My mind wants that list of  “to do’s” that somehow it believes will map out a path for my life.

That soul voice is patient with me, when I come back after trying to force myself to create from that list of things that I think I should do, she welcomes me back. She urges more space for play, imperfect steps, joyful discoveries, rest when I need it, loving myself in process, imperfect and not knowing exactly what each day will bring.  She asks for love, kindness, and connection. She simply asks me to come back to her when I forget and to begin again to listen and follow her guidance.

Listen to her whispers and follow her guidance

I am typing out “Listen to her whispers and follow her guidance”  and posting it on my bulletin board.   I hope that it will help me remember that each moment is an opportunity to tune into those soul whispers to create some magic.

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